2023/11/14h – Who Has Control + Imminent Events

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You must see Item 6 – Who Has Control + Imminent Events

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1a – Is Pallachook getting nervous ?

1b – Donald Trump’s sister 86 yrs found dead

2a – Largest Tunnels of Them Have Been Flooded – Israeli Sponge Bombs Fell on 17 Tunnel Exits in Gaza


2b – China Blows Up Dam, Drowning 12 Cities As 1,400 Chinese Residents Sleep At Night


3a – Ardern, high priestess of the WEF global political class, exempted government elitists from Covid vaxx


3b – Mike Johnson LIVE – US Speaker Claims Biden Used Federal Agencies To Protect Hunter Biden

4a – Wyatt Earp opinion 14 Nov – well said

4b – The new one world religious symbolism – here it comes “they” think – now hear item 6 carefully

5a – Electric Cars. Each Individual Charging Station Is Using The Equivalent Power Of 280 Homes Every Hour

5b – The Rise and Fall of the Khazars (2022) Recent history update

5c – Roman Poet Memmius writes to Cicero about “them”

6 – Who Has Control Over The Military (MCM) + Imminent Events 72m

This will bring you right up to date – The biggest moves are made behind the scenesespecially @ 21mins

7 – You can be old and happy ?

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