2023/11/15h – I am a bunch of cells

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1 – I am a bunch of cells

2a – A fitting letter


2b – WHAT ?? mask wearing in public amid Queensland alleged COVID-19 wave

Karl is awake to the covid nonsense and has been for some time


2c – Gene Technology Regulator allowed experimental mRNA vaccines to be released into Australia


3a – Criminal Prisoners released from Villawood

Has The Australian Govt lost the plot by releasing “refugees” into the community.  Criminals who are wanted for murder and child sex offences in their home countries – or is it deliberate to create more chaos  

3b – Xi Jinping meets Albo

3c – Xi Jinping after meeting Albo

4 – White High Schooler Beaten to Death by 15 young primates

Jonathan Lewis was white. His attackers were black. Other than local media, the national media is avoiding this story. Jonathan Lewis was trying to protect another smaller student initially, then 10+ others teamed up to attack Lewis, getting him on the ground and causing multiple injuries that resulted in his dying later. According to the boy’s father, the brutal beating happened after 17 year old Jonathan Lewis stood up for one of his “smaller friends.” “A couple (of kids) attacked him, and they weren’t able to hurt him enough, and they all attacked him at once,” the father, Jonathan Lewis said.

Were the races reversed, this would have been a national news story and the victim would have been nominated for sainthood, ala career criminal, George Floyd.  More evidence how anti-Caucasian our bigot-ridden media is..

5a – Think About This:

It has been said that the real reason Speaker of the House Mike Johnson decided not to go forward with impeaching Joe Biden was because Joe Biden didn’t win the 2020 Election. You can’t impeach a president who isn’t the president. On the other hand, the Democrats voted to impeach Donald Trump AFTER he supposedly “lost” that 2020 Election – they impeached Trump as president at the same time they claimed he wasn’t the president. Duh ? You can lead a person to knowledge, but you can’t make them think

5b – Obama Outed As ‘Shadow President’ Secretly Orchestrating Hamas-Israel False Flag


5c – Candace Owens – Child trafficking is the biggest industry


6a – American Eagle Dive Bombs And Attacks Illegal Immigrants Attempting To Enter – Even the birds know what to do

6b – And the Military is precise too

6c – Manual for Court Martial (MCM) – 2019

772 pages   As Mentioned in item 6 Post  14th

— updates link 

2023 – https://jsc.defense.gov/military-law/current-publications-and-updates/

Also EO 13825 


7 – A Warning From Kerry Cassidy: Huge “White Hats Military 11.10.2Q23”    Shock Event Incoming


8 – More DUMBS being taken out — this one is in Indianapolis. More are being taken out & flooded.

9 – Med Beds Have Made their Debut in Germany, and Canada is Next in Line to witness this Medical Revolution

Click the link and scroll down to the report


10a – Another Health Tip – Swollen Legs

10b – Charcoal is useful for many things

10c – Get rid of aluminium foil

11 – Bruce’s Call 14th

12a – RV – Q and A

💢Q & A – How will people who live in other countries outside of USA receive notice? 800 numbers don’t work there? (This answer is only for those talking the traditional route to receive notification. If you’re in LWS (Love Won Society) and awaiting private contact, you can disregard this if you want to as it would not apply to you, per se.) 

💢A: For RV speculators outside of the USA, please disregard the “800#” bc it will NOT APPLY to any country that doesn’t use 800#s. Plain and simple – there will be no reason whatsoever for you, in Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa, etc to call a USA #. THIS IS A GLOBAL EVENT. So, you’ll receive the appropriate number for you to call in your home country where you are.  To be very clear, Redemption Centres abound here in the USA. However, we’re told that actual Redemption centres will be very few and far between in other countries. You will be able to complete your Redemption appointment at major banks, who are working in cohesion with your country’s Treasury Department (which has your country’s gold / asset reserves). 

This is the number you will be given.  A number to an authorized banking institution that is SAFE (partnership with the Alliance) for you to complete your exchange. You’ll give your postal code (or zip code)  – (any/every country) and you will be given the contact information to point you in the right (and safest) direction. 

You might receive a direct email which will give you (in YOUR COUNTRY) the right ‘call center’ to contact. Due to the language barriers, no…. I absolutely do not expect every single RV participant to be directed to a USA Call Centre (appointed by Alliance/ UST) when they live in other countries. It would be close to impossible for them to staff people who are multilingual – in which every single country is represented. But it makes sense if you are contacted directly, via email, with a contact in your country whom you can reach out to.  If the SafeLink website is indeed a factor in this, it makes sense that you will provide proof of your identity by answering key questions  – proving you ARE YOU,  then given a number of an appropriate bank who can handle your exchange/redemption.  The VPN on your computer/device can also be used to identify what phone number in what country to provide for you, personally. 

It’s equally important to note that in the USA only a Redemption Centre will be able to accommodate Zim Bond Notes Redemption AND regular exotic currency exchanges. IF someone ONLY has currency and zero Zim, they may freely go to any bank which participates in foreign currency exchange to complete their transaction. This is not the case in other countries!  Because there will be very few actual “Redemption Centre” – you WILL BE ABLE TO EXCHANGE & REDEEM BOTH FOREIGN CURRENCY AND ZIM at major, participating bank locations. Again, you must sit back and wait to see how you’ll be notified. Email with the SafeLink website will be a perfect solution for you. But the bottom line is, you’ll be given an appropriate number to call in your location, where you can be steered in the right direction. 

It’s not all about the USA! And the advice you are getting (from the gurus) should not be thru the vein of “all about the USA” either.  It makes no sense that a RV speculator – or a humanitarian  in Timbuktu would have to call a call centre staffer in middle America to learn how to make a Redemption appointment. The Alliance is smarter than that!! They know who you/we humanitarians are!  You will not be left out. Please hang tight and wait. We’ll all offer direction as we can.  I hope this helps. 

We’re in this together.


12bVery important suggestion for speculators in this “Main Event”

💢Scenario:  You’ve received your notification to set up your appointment. There will be an electronic version of NDA for you to sign so as you do not disclose the time, date, location or purpose of your exchange/redemption appointment. That being said, if you have a family member from out of town who will be joining you (as your confidante) to your appointment, then plan ahead what you will communicate with them because at this point you’ve not have had the opportunity to submit your addendum to the NDA (who you’re telling them you’ll need to communicate openly with – such as, regarding project). So, think ahead how you’ll communicate with this person.

💢 What Not to say: I just scheduled my Redemption Appointment for Wednesday. Catch the next plane to meet me here/there (if another town). 😬 [You just blew your electronic NDA] 🥺 See how easy that was?! 😳

💢 What TO Say: I just got us tickets for the concert for Wednesday. [See how easy that was? No mention of anything relating to RV] ✅  Plan ahead. Communicate.  ✅

💢 Come up with your story — your explanation of your changed lifestyle.

Unfortunately, none of us can hide any bigger purchase such as a new car or new home. So if wondering minds or curious folks ask you about any lifestyle change, prepare right now what you’re going to say without violating your NDA. (Remember! The paper version will be in greater, specific, detail than the quick electronic one prior to the appt. And if you want to be able to speak openly with someone – such as a family member who didn’t attend the appointment with you, then by all means they will allow you to take a copy home for that person to read and sign – which you’ll then send in). 

💢 Suggestions:

Them: I see you driving a new car, that’s really nice. Where’d $ come from for that? (Yes people can be that nosey and pry by asking inappropriate questions 😜). You: I made an investment a while back and it turned out well. (Short and simple. No more detail.)

✨ This will be my story. I came up this years ago. Folks will know I’m not going to be working my same FT job, so I have my plan as to what I’m going to say in advance if any questions arise — as I will be stepping into my role as a humanitarian. 🙏

✨ In case someone asks: “So what are you doing now?”

✨ “My new job is exciting. I’ve taken the role as a Director and Project Manager for a philanthropic organization. Travel is covered and car allowance is nice, etc. My goal will be to serve others and I will oversee projects that will make the world a better place. 🙂 Short and simple.

💢 This is a smart angle because I will be seen as just a liaison – serving within an organization (leader unnamed for confidentiality) – not as the person holding the purse strings! 

💢 You do not want to come out from this event bragging or letting on that you’ve come into wealth as a high net worth individual. That’s a sure way to make your life miserable because it’ll put a huge target on your back. Instead, I’ll pay for many wonderful things for others, but it’ll always appear that the funding is coming from an entity other than me. “I’ll let my boss know…” sorta thing. 🙂 No one will know I’m giving funding. Everything will be done under the veil of anonymity for safety.  🙏

💢 Moreover, by choosing an explanation early on, this strategy will also help you avoid breaking a legally binding NDA. The less you tell others, the best! ✅

💢 And, in closing, “Nunya” also works. 😜 

“Nunya? What’s that? 🤔”  “It’s Nunya Business” and walk away. 😏

THIS might work for some of you.  YOU do NOT owe anyone an explanation. The less you divulge, the best! ✅ Hope this helps 🙏❤️ ~ Ginger

End of Post

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