2023/11/16th – Will we have a Happy Christmas ? See Item 1

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1a – Will we have a Happy Christmas ?   listen to John Wilson’s finest Hour 15 Nov 2023

Join John Wilson and Riccardo Bosi discuss military law, sovereignty and Australia’s future. Also, John’s word of warning to the gate keepers.

Regardless of any pre-conceived ideas or prejudices you may have about these 2 men – you must see all, right to the end (some colourful language)


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1b – Remember, remember – when you know – you know which calendar

When Trump says “November 2024” could he mean Nov 20-24. Government offices #Shutdown Fri, 17th. Saturday 11/18 is 11/5 on Julian Calendar (~13 day difference) “Remember, Remember the 5th of November” Thurs 16th = 11.3 Fri 17th  = 11.4 – a Q Day!   Sat 18th  = 11.5  Sun 19th = (ISO 20022  supposedly goes live)💰   Mon 20th = 11/7 on Jul. Cal. 11/7 <> 7/11  Wed 22nd is 60th year Anniversary of JFK’s Assassination in 1963 – It’s’ also 11/9 on Jul. Cal. 11/9 <> 9/11

WEDNESDAY ~= 911 ?? 😬 Thurs is Thanksgiving the 23rd – 23=PAIN 4 Bad 23=Great Change 4 Good Fri  11/24 is: BLACK FRIDAY or   11/11 on Julian Cal. 🤯 Sat 11/25 is: John-John – JFK, Jr.’s 63rd Birthday

2 – Climate emergency narrative is finally crumbling

3 – Israel and U.S. Plans for Gaza – A Rival for China’s Silk Road


4 – Three Gorges Dam collapse: 75 Million litres of water per second wipes out 3 million residents

I wonder if this is what Q meant by Watch the Water ?


5 – See what a hacker can do to you (so who chose to justify and use smartass and WIFI devices)

Ryan Is the greatest hacker that ever lived, he uncovered the biggest child predator ring on the planet, more on that:  https://teslatelegraph.com/…/white-hat-hacker…/ 

6 – Crazy Hologram

7 – American Medical Assoc classifies Pedophilia as a preference, not a disorder

8 – Iraqi dinar Al Sudani big announcement – banks can now change other currencies


9 – In case you want a 10mins chill out


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