2023/11/17th – Idiots we are supposed to tolerate  

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1a – Idiots we are supposed to tolerate  

Some were fortunate and received only the harmless Saline jab, but listen to their pathetic pleas after they realise the truth

1b – It’s happening again.  Get your vaccine

It’s named EG5 ??? G5=5G ? More BS scare tactics –

Now see this again from last night – 245 admissions when there are more than 1 million in hospital for various reasons – That is 0.000245% increase

If your holistic practitioner is not testing you for parasites and toxins and recommending solutions to eliminate them, you are throwing your money away! Death is caused by parasites and toxins and radiation is the number one toxin cause today, mostly from smartass and WIFI devices which people justify and cling to.

A majority of people are like mushrooms.  They are kept in the dark (lack information).
They live on rotted logs (poverty due to the government).  They are harvested for lunch by those who control the farm (globalists). They never think …nor understand ….nor attempt to change ….their destiny.

1c – An Incredibly blunt warning for the jabbed

1d – Jane Thompson

1e – VAERS System overwhelmed – honest reporting at last   

2a – A man in NY questions staff if parents know

2b – The Amish folk don’t get sick – no vaccines

3a – We’re already at net zero

3b – Weather Control – The Simpsons

3c – We have A HAARP Platform on the east coast

4a – Israel Cannot Produce Evidence of Vast Weapons Armory Beneath Hospital


4b – Never use the Digital Euro

She is lying – they will never have private cash to use freely – It’s a financial surveillance and control tool. First the digital Euro then digital ID and social scores. If you do or say anything they don’t like your funds will be blocked

4c – Powerful speech by this very articulate woman. 

5 – Pedophiles in all Governments

COMPILATION – Tom Carrol, a proud Pedophile and a member of P.I.E. (Pedophile Information Exchange)  P.I.E. is a group within the British Govt which has many members who campaign to have sex with children as young as 4 years old made legal.

Much the same exists in Australia –   Search this site – Fiona  

6 – The San Francisco they hid from Xi Jinping  

7a – Derek Johnson THEDOCUMENTS.INFO

7b – The White Rabbit – Public/Private Terror..


7c – Deep State Lies Under Oath = PERJURY

7d – The Dismantling of the deep State Apparatus

8a – Franks bank November 16, 2023 (Colorado Bank Story)  

FRANK:   I’ve had so many bank stories in the last two weeks that it not only knocked me off my feet but I’m still floating up in cloud nine.  It’s not secret.  What happened.  

BANK STORY GUY:  I live in a very small town in Western Colorado.  I’ve been banking with the same bank for 30 year…The bank president…borders on the edge of being a very good friend…This morning I walked into the bank…and I saw him sitting in his office and…I said you know 4 or 5 years ago I started talking about the dinar and he said yeah…he had on his poker face…I said myself and my wife have X number of dinar.  He said ok.  I said I hear Sudani talking about a date of January 1st that you can no longer use the American dollar in Iraq. ….  And considering they’re now talking about releasing change to the people.  I said, when I first started talking to you about this the exchange rate was about 1470 roughly to 1…does it make any sense to start issuing any coinage? He kind of grinned at me big.  He said, no sir it really doesn’t.  I said, Tom, I’m nervous…I know what the FDIC covers and …you know how much currency I have.  Even if it goes at 1 to 1 I’m kind of spooked about how much wealth I could lose.  I said…you’re a small bank.  They’re very well known throughout the state of Colorado…but they’re not a Chase or Wells Fargo.  I told him I’ve got a Wells Fargo account and I said honestly Tom I hate that bank but push comes to shove I can transfer my funds. 

What’s funny all of a sudden his poker face breaks and he says when it comes time to do the exchange I’m sure we can… assist in some way.  I said that’s what I was hoping to hear.  If and when the time comes, you and I have been friends for a long time, you know I have 100% trust in you, do I come to you to get advice on how not to lose my funds?  He’s says no.  I’m going to set you up with a wealth manager and he immediately is typing stuff in to his computer and this is what caught me off guard, he turns around and he says you know I’ve seen exchanges and movement in the dinar in just the past few days…  I said I got to get to Albuquerque this afternoon…I got to get going when I get back I’ll give you a call…I stood up and shook his hand I said you know what I probably won’t talk to you for a while so Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family…and he said oh, we’ll talk before that. 

FRANK:  There it is! When is Thanks Giving?   23rd November 2023.

8b – Bruce’s Big call 16th Nov hope he is right

9 – Huge Power Outages Across US & Europe .


REPORTER NOTES – Compliments of Rebecca (rough transcript; go to the link for details and accuracy)

(5.56 minutes)

MOUNT:  We got a call at Noon asking if we had power and Internet.  We did. FACT:  But half of the country was out. FACT:  Comcast said this was huge. WARNING:  This will not be in the News… because they are Ordered to not report this by the DoD. We investigated it.

FACT:  There were huge outages in North America and Europe. We checked:

1.    Seattle had massive outages

2.    Chicago had massive outages

3.    NY City had massive outages

4.    South Dakota had 9 counties out of power… Three counties were connected, another three counties were connected… but the rest separated

5.    Texas had outages all across the state… from Austin all the way up to the north western tip

6.    California had outages all across the state… They seemed to be concentrated this time with Pacific Gas and Electric (PGE) … which was purchased by the CIA, and ever since then, they have had power outages…

7.     Washington State had power outages all across the state

8.    Montana had outages all across the state… In the same power company, one city had power, but another city did not. There were outages across Europe…

9.     From Spain through Germany

10. From Italy through Holland There were MASSIVE power and Internet outages. By the way, Biden just sold over 100 nuclear weapons to Holland.

(8.39 minutes)

MOUNT:  How long were the outages? Most of the power outages began around 7 AM in Denver, CO time (Mountain Time).  Some outages began earlier. The outages ended around 1 to 2 pm MT.  The times varied. But some of the outages are still ONGOING.

(8:57 minutes)

MOUNT:  NO ONE KNOWS WHY. FACT:  It was NOT from the Sun… FACT:  It was NOT due to a few blown circuits… the outage was too wide spread from Seattle all the way over to Germany. FACT:  It is NOT computer hacking.Now the majority was with PGE, but in Tacoma Power Company (our company) some people had power and some did not. FACT:  It was NOT hacking… So it was BIZZARE.

(9:55 minutes)

MOUNT:  Remember on Friday… a U.S. funded power company Contractor stated:  Over half of the country would have power outages? And so… IT BEGINS.

LINK:  https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/world/phone-and-internet-outages-hits-australia-millions-without-phones

INSERT: (20May2023) Energy Commissioner Warns Of ‘Major Threats’ To Power Grid
LINK:  https://www.zerohedge.com/energy/energy-commissioner-warns-major-threats-power-grid WARNING:  Expect more and more power outages.

(10.11 minutes)

MOUNT:  Who has the power to do this?  Look up Who can knock out one county here and another county way over there… and in major city complexes? … Skip some states? Maps of the affected areas that we checked. Canada was affected Here is Europe on the map… from Germany to Spain… from Italy to Holland…and there were some places we did not check. We checked all across the United States We did not check Mexico. What flies by at 6:00 am at 100,000 feet and BLINKS… Beep…Beep…Beep….

FACT:  Space Command is out of Colorado Springs … whose real Headquarters is in King’s Mountain, Utah. Who gets to work at 7 am MT? ANSWER:  Space Command Who has housing for the Tall Whites (ETs) just north of Las Vegas and likes to take them gambling? ANSWER:  Space Command Who has been flying anti-gravity Space Craft since 1950? ANSWER:  Space Command FACT:  Only U.S. Based Space Command would have the power to do this.

(14.01 minutes)

MOUNT:  But WHY would Space Command take out all of the power from Germany to Spain, to England, to Holland, Italy and France… New York City… Spokane… Seattle… most of California… some of Montana … and spotty areas in Texas and 9 counties in South Dakota? Are they having a test for future use? Or is this harassment? Can they indeed take down the GRID across the world? Can they take out one county without affecting another county? Can they indeed take out the Russian grid? ANSWER:  Apparently the answer is YES. Can they take out half of a county? Can they take out half of a power company’s region, but not the other half? No excuses for it… no car wrecks… no transformers blown…

They have eliminated most of the minor Distribution Centres… since the FBI has been running around and blowing up the smaller centres… Now all they have to do is take out ONE FUSE in the major power Distribution Centres.

(15.36 minutes)

MOUNT:  Do you realize that after all of that shooting in our power centers…. FACT:  There are NO SECURITY GUARDS in our power substations. FACT:  They have not added a camera to a power substation. In the Puget Sound area we had 300 substations… and now we have 20 power stations. So it is very easy now for Space Command… thanks to the traitors in the FBI (Comey) whose daddy ran the Gestapo for Hitler in Germany… and Rosenstein’s daddy ran the SS that caused the Holocaust… They are traitors… and… they can now take out a county’s power.

FACT:   Ten year ago they could not have done this. They could turn off all of the washers in a county if they wanted to. My brother said they could turn off my car …and that was 30 years ago. Only Space Command run by Lloyd Austin the Commander of the Department of Defense … a traitor… could do this. Will he apologize for the inconvenience caused? ANSWER:  No. Will he admit that he did it? ANSWER:  No. Now with very few substations… thanks to Orders by Obama… we can all be hacked and our power grid taken down.

(18.00 minutes)

MOUNT:  Space Command goes to work at 7 am MT and leaves around 2 pm MT… because they have other things that they want to do… FACT:  Space Command even took over Elon Musk’s satellites (Starlink). FACT:  Space Command now has the ability to turn off the power in half the USA and half of Europe. Why? Because… they can… and they want to. WARNING:  These people are not going into the dust bin of history without a fight.WARNING:  They are preparing to take down our grid on the coldest days. Here is Tacoma it was 22 degrees this morning. NASA lies about our weather data.  It used to be in control of the satellites, but that control was given to Space Command. Traitors? Absolutely.

(19.50 minutes)

End of Post

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