2023/11/20th – They can no longer hide in the dark – Must listen to 12a + 12b

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1a – They can no longer hide in the Dark   

1b – Backlash over push to bring back masks


1c – How many do you know died suddenly ? – There’s a vax antidote


1d – Tainted Blood ?

2 – Why are so many Pilots dying ?

One would think pilots were smart people


3 – All Natural (homemade ) antibiotic / anti-inflammatory. 

4aTiny Township Declares Itself a Second Amendment Sanctuary, Establishes Militia

The next most likely place to get hit by a direct energy weapon ??


4b – Towns people run every Govt official out and lock the doors


5a – Q Posts and Comms

November 18 23 – Are You Prepared For The Cataclysmic Earth Changes That Are On The Way? An absolutely massive volcanic eruption in Russia has created a cloud of dust and ash that is a thousand miles long. Yeah, that is “normal”. In recent days we have also seen a spectacular eruption of lava at Mt. Etna in Italy, volcanic activity has caused a brand new island to emerge off the coast of Japan, and thousands of people have been forced to evacuate in Iceland as volcanic magma races to the surface near the town of Grindavik. In Trump’s posts today. V in values is capitalized. The stroke of midnight is Julian’s (calender) November 5. Remember Remember. And in another of his posts he made 4th prominent. Today is the 4th. Let’s go!

SITUATION IN THE U.S. The J6 tapes have been released to the American public by House Speaker Mike Johnson. You can view them here


5b – More Jan 6 footage 

5c – Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes, Michael Jaco & Derek Johnson: Embrace the Suck as Pause Happens for Deep State Takedown


5d – George Galloway owned by JEWS Cover Photo Galloway with Jew Pedophile Jimmy Savile


6a – Discarded remains of a wind farm in Qld.

Contrary to the climate scam propaganda spouted by Net Zero zealots, and the trillion dollar “renewable” energy industry, wind turbines are not renewable or “green” in the slightest Not only are these monstrosities a blight on the countryside when they’re in operation, killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of bats and birds in the process, every single year—once their working life of just 15-20 years is up, they cannot be recycled, so they end up being dumped in nature, or in landfill sites.

6b – Coogie NSW The Absolute Carnage Continues 💉💉💉…It turns out The Vaccine 𝗪𝗔𝗦𝗡’𝗧  𝙎𝙖𝙛𝙚 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙀𝙛𝙛𝙚𝙘𝙩𝙞𝙫𝙚 after all.  

6c – Australia to Ban Cash, Mandate ‘Digital Passport’

Can only happen if people allow it – SO STOP USING CARDS ETC – PAY CASH




7 – But fear not – All currencies will be on an even playing field much sooner than most people understand


8a – When a politician dies  

8b – Albanese government ‘falling to bits’


8c – UN/WEF Supported by Our Treasonous ‘Govts’- FOI Evidence


8d – Who attended dinner with Xi Jinping + Biden

Tell me again how the Communist Chinese and their WEF partners aren’t planning to totally subvert, and buy up ALL assets in America keeping us in a perpetual state of debt and enslaved as they bring in their One World Government. Just look at this list of Billionaires who attended this dinner with President Xi last night… Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock “The company that owns the world.” Stephen Schwartzman, CEO of BlackStone Investments which is the world’s LARGEST alternative asset manager. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple. Also execs from Mastercard, Boeing, FedEx… The total amount of wealth in that room is in the TRILLIONS.  It’s a World Economic Forum & CCP gangbang. Xi has called for China to “lead the reform of the global governance system,” transforming institutions and norms in ways that will reflect Beijing’s values and priorities. I cannot see ANY good coming out of this. Keep in mind, this dinner HAPPENED ON US SOIL.

9a – All the homeless in San Francisco disappeared in one night


9b – Johnson & Johnson – Poisoning Babies 

9c – They have to sell themselves to survive 

11 – The New President Of Argentina – just got elected



12a – Wyatt Earp Update  

Elon Musk has discovered the dome and much else

12b – Audio file from someone at the Whitehouse

They are talking about what is going on at the White House, The Pentagon, Mar a Lago. They are talking about good angels doing a clean out of fallen angels and cabal people. Expedited. If true it is a big advancement in events.

12c – US Debt Clock – New message

13 – Alan Jones – more on EVs

14 – History of the Globe – who’s lying and why ? It’s not the genuine researchers

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