2023/11/21st – Only a few items

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Only a few items since many have not yet seen several items last night

1 – Behold… the Jacka$$

2 – Stop Complaining. This bird has displayed a full understanding of volume, mass + density

3a – After being initiated, every Freemason

is issued a Jew Bible with Talmudic/Masonic interpretation. There are hundreds of pages where it falsely interprets biblical teachings and stories to push a Zionist global agenda.

3b – Most People Can’t Imagine How Deep The Rabbit Hole Really Goes… David Icke


4a – WHO pandemic treaty dependent on Digital ID which the ALP/Greens are in up to their necks. Where are the Liberals?


4b – Mandatory Vaxx for all Agriculture – Australia Where are the Liberals?

4c – 23rd and 24th of December boycott Coles and Woolies and all participating corporations


5a – Jew influence over Australia


5b – Israel’s butchering of Palestinians fuelled by Zionist hatred and Racism


5c – Israeli children sing: “We will annihilate everyone” in Gaza

How sick is this indoctrinating the innocent children – How will they grow up


5d – Pains Angels – some good news

6a – Elon Musk and the Firmament   

6b – Firmament self healing after the blast ?

Many times NASA has attempted to nuke God’s firmament above the Earth


7a – How to rid your smartass phone of radiation

7b – Is Bob Joyce Elvis ? same age + sounds like

8 – Old Fireplaces


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