2023/11/22nd – A glimpse into the near future

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1a – A glimpse into the near future

I assume he refers to the new Q phones and the unhackable internet emails etc ??

1b – In the year 2525 from 1964

1c – Nightmare At The G20  They can make anyone say anything

2a – When Bush died on TV – to be replaced by a clone ?

2b – Turkey for Christmas ?

3a – George Floyd – new info revealed

3b – Jacinda Ardern admits to having suffered from “Imposter Syndrome” for the whole time she was PM of New Zealand.

3c – All The World Is A Stage – Enjoy The Show


4 – CIA enslavement of Scientists with Death Patch kill switch

5a – Pharmajewdicals at the CDC


5b – Doctor Sentenced For Fake Cancer Diagnoses Scam For $$$

5c – Victorian Govt still pushing Covid


5d – Beware of the JewFlu – Crisis Actors


6a – Airlines will lose passengers if they listen to what this commercial pilot says about mRNA medical episodes in the air



6b – Exposed … Jan 6 Footage from Mike Johnson


6c – Supernatural Move of God



7 – Ex-Military Releases NASA Video Showing a 2.000 Miles Long Spacecraft of Unknown Origin   

Strange indeed IF IT IS TRUE – we were warned about a GREAT DECEPTION in end times – Strange also that there are so many accounts and by Austronots and NASA staff who say they never went to the moon – I recall seeing something like this, a massive ship on Startrek years ago — Any way, seeing is believing ?? But – It’s on Ytube so it must be true… eh ?

8a – QFS Update from Graham

8b – Bruce’s call 21 Nov

8c – Wyatt Earp update about Kim Goguen

Larry – Confirming Wyatt’s message, this is what my son in Japan sent me…. Ray

North Korea’s state news agency reported on the successful launch of a new transport rocket, “Chollima-1,” carrying a military reconnaissance satellite named “Manriki-1” from the “West Sea Satellite Launch Site” in Dongchangri in the northwest on the night of the 21st. That has caused an air raid alert in Japan, an EBS.  Kim Jong Un reportedly inspected the launch, expressing enthusiastic congratulations. The National Aerospace Development Administration announced plans to launch additional reconnaissance satellites to enhance capabilities, intending to present the proposal at the year-end Party Central Committee meeting. The launch is seen as an assertion of the country’s legitimate right to strengthen self-defense and contribute significantly to preparedness for war. Despite notifying Japan of launching an “artificial satellite” after the 22nd, North Korea proceeded earlier, possibly aiming for a surprise effect and considering the cloudy and rainy weather forecast for the 22nd. In response, the U.S., Japan, and South Korea are reportedly coordinating a joint naval exercise, including the USS Carl Vinson, scheduled for the 26th.

The US Navy USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) Nimitz-class aircraft carrier coming into Busan, South Korea – November 21, 2023 amid the highest tensions with North Korea in the region. Possibly the reason why the DPRK has launched today a ballistic missile and then launched a spy satellite ?

9 – Urgent Intervention Required by all Australian Freedom Lovers

We have just 30 days to get Australia removed from the WHO Health regulations which are seeking to mandate their failed vaccines on the world population in a future pandemic.  Could you urgently e-mail Mark Butler (Email in the attached document)  seeking answers to the questions included and urging Australia to scuttle the WHO imposition.  We need thousands of e-mails sent to let the Government see that we are watching their inaction, so please pass this message on to your freedom group and every other person who might
Re: Questions for the Hon Mark Butler MP – Minister for Health
Dear Minister
The World Health Organisation has presided over perhaps the biggest health catastrophe in world history – rolling out barely tested experimental treatments that were never vaccines.
Australians have discovered this mismanagement observing that the vaccinated succumb to COVID at higher rates than the unvaccinated, (world-leading UK data at here: Link and that seriously elevated excess deaths across Western countries in recent years are seen in the vaccinated rather than the unvaccinated here: Link
As a citizen in a representative democracy, where government is tasked with being responsive to constituents, I am seeking an urgent written response from your Department to the following questions.
1. Does the Australian Government believe that the WHO’s mandated vaccination approach was effective? If Yes, could you please explain to me why the vaccinated have higher rates of infection than the unvaccinated.
2. Does the Australian Government believe that the WHO’s mandated vaccination approach was safe? If Yes, could you please explain to me why the vaccinated in every age-group have higher excess deaths than the unvaccinated.
3. If No to the above, please explain to me why the Australian Government is continuing to pursue Treaties and Regulations giving the failed WHO unfettered control to internationally mandate more deadly ‘vaccines’.
I await your response, and also urge you as Health Minister to direct Prime Minister Albanese to reject the International Health Regulations by the 1 December 2023 international deadline for doing so.

Sign off with your name, address and contact details.
Remember, send this to as many as you can.
The Watchmen are here and We See You. https://theaustraliaproject.org 

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