2023/11/23rd – Manual for Courts-Martial Now Includes Civilians in Australia too – Item 1c

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1a – The Simpson Prediction of the $$ crash

Today? Doubt it. But it is a very peculiar case. The timing of this. The Bond Market Collapse on the weekend. Q’ (Blackout Neccessary). The Countdown (https://qofficial.net/password) (https://t.co/4s1pjHu0Wn) Intelligence Agencies Reporting potential terror attack in New York. Remember congress mentioned a blackout would happen on a Friday? Jerome Powell said the global markets are controlled by one switch.  Then I thought about the Central SWIFT activation for 2023. You know what’s funny? The Comex 589 Rule. Guess what dates equal this? 19 Nov/2023.  The same day ISO-20022 went live. Basically “The Reset”.  People you are missing so much. But at least some of it is compiled here. What a time to be alive.

1b – “In 24 hours Everything changes for Israel and U.S. Iran is ready

Col. Douglas Macgregor delivers a bold prediction, suggesting that Israel may cease to exist on world maps sooner than later. The title hints at a grave assessment, inviting viewers to explore the geopolitical implications and  potential shifts in the global landscape according to the perspective of the esteemed military analyst.


1c – EO13825—2018 Amendments – Manual for Courts-Martial, Now Includes Aust Civilians – They Are All Going Down.

For those Australians who believe this has nothing to do with us, remember, YOU turned our government into a corporation in USA. As a result of your treasonous actions the US now controls Australia and Australian civilians are now subject to the revised Manual for Courts Martial. They are ALL for the high jump, ALL of them.

Download the 4 page Manual – https://sbnqv6tu5xb0.cdn.shift8web.ca/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/Manual-of-Courts-Martial-US-2023-Edition-AMENDMENTS.pdf

2b – Trump’s public consideration for Tucker Carlson as VP

2c – Trump to Declare Martial Law – for mass arrests of Satanists


3a – The Left are trying to silence Elon Musk

3b – Trump: We promised an early Christmas  

4 – This is the real Calendar

The Real Calendar has 13 months with 28 days each. April is actually the first month, what we know as April fools day is actually God’s (the Creator) day and falls at the same time every year. For centuries we have been deceived by Satan and his followers and the cabal who have concealed the truth from us about the Number 13 and the fact that the calendar aligns with the lunar cycles. Please research the “Truth of the Sacred number 13”

5a – $upport for I$rael  Chris Sky – Follow the money Another jew psy-op ?

5b – Israel is one of the most Racist countries

Have seen nothing from Rebel News about this… wonder why


5c – A bulldozer covers a mass grave of murdered in hospital Palestinians

6 – ‘The First Global Revolution’, in which they declared “global warming” to wage war on humanity


7a – San Francisco’s vagrants are still missing




7b – New York’s Forced Quarantine Camps begin

West Aust has one very similar, but so far has never been used (but they have taken 2 children from their mothers = one for the child being in hospital and the parent wanted a second opinion and the other they said the mother was incapable of looking after her children. One got her child back after 2 months, the other has not) And BASIL ZEMPALIS Mayor of Perth, knows of both cases…


7c – California Cop can’t win the fight so he just shoots the guy

8a – Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 captured by …


8b – Pilot Dies! Passenger tries to land Plane

It is happening more often every day. This pilot may have had the JAB who knows nowadays unless you ask the question.  The pilot flying your family just slumped over and is not responding. The airplane is climbing and you can’t figure out how to stop it. Your wife and two kids are in the back and now it’s up to you to save them and yourself. Can you fly the plane and figure out how to land before you run out of fuel or crash? This was the scenario for Doug White and his family. They had just attended the funeral for Doug’s brother and are now flying a charter flight home.

This is Doug’s second time in a King Air aircraft, both times as a passenger. However, he never expected he would have to learn how to be a pilot and fly when the pilot slumped over and died shortly after take off. This was a nightmare scenario! Although this happened on a charter flight, it also happened on an American Airlines flight when the pilot died as the plane was taking off! That’s probably one of the worst times for a pilot to die! If you want to see how that turned out


9a – Got a NAB account ?  ditch it. Banks can close accounts because of your online activity   

9b – Bitcoin = Deep State Currency

10a – Moderna admits Vaxx injections cause Cancer


10b – British PM Rishi Sunak – let the people die

11a – Biblical Views About the End Times  

The preterist view promoted here does not explain who was the Anti-Christ nor how everyone was marked/chipped/whatever so no one could buy or sell. And Matt 24.14 has not yet been fulfilled ? Current events sure don’t seem to be the expected Millennium of peace and happiness ?

11b – The Greek Fisherman and the Harvard Businessman

12 – More about Tartaria Free Energy


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