2023/11/24th – Are we ready for this ?

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Only a few items here – all the bad news about widespread corruption – child trafficking, courts, police, media, medical, banking  etc will soon be dealt withplease pay attention to these items

There is a chunk of truthers who are upset about Javier Milei winning, because they think he is a WEF/Zionist plant who tricked Argentinians into voting for him. If this is the case, then nothing has changed, except Milei red-pilled millions around the world first… It’s a net gain either way.

1a – Leading Humanity into hoax after hoax

1b – When you are Ready to Rise Up

2a – Biden crew prepares for 2024

2b – What’s happening at the White House – They’re carrying stretchers in

2c – Michael Flynn – we are ready

3 – Nesara Gesara 

4 – COMPILATION – Free Power etc

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