2023/11/25th – New Jail for MSM personalities

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1a – Are you tired of it all ?


1b – JAG Opens New Jail for MSM personalities

1c – Dr. Jan Halper AGAIN confirms that Military Tribunals have been and continue to take place. She also confirms …

She holds dual UK/ US DOD Security Clearances.

Because of her clearances, she has a Military contact who feeds her this information.

Confirmed there IS a global Military alliance being spearheaded by Space Force.

The Military told the world on Jan 18, 2021 of a “Peaceful transition to Military Power” on ABC News.

✅ Navy JAG is running the Tribunals.

Many “bigger moves” are being made by the Military behind the scenes.

My research and discernment tells me that Dr. Halper was absolutely tasked with bringing these messages of confirmation and hope to the Patriot community at this time. Quite frankly, it’s common sense Psychology. Any good Military leader knows that the morale of soldiers and civilians is paramount during a war. The military tasked truthers and Anons with helping to fight in this 5th Generation Information war. They have known that as the end nears, people will be weary, concerned and tired. Does it not make perfect sense that they would have someone with direct, credible Military connections deliver some confirmation to us all? It does to me.

1d – Trump’s Triumph, GESARA Unleashes Quantum Revolution


2 – 3rd String Pawns are Done – meet the 2nd


3a – Anthony Albanese Announces Australia Visit for Early 2024

3b – Qld attrocious waste of money

3c – Federal Labor backpedalling quickly after 23,000 hostile submissions slamming Misinformation bill


3d – “Sustainable” global dairy thugs wipe out 5th generation Central Queensland family farm


4a – Huge tunnel on Mexican border.

4b – In Germany, the windmills not spinning

for days even ‘tho there is a slight breeze, you can see on some.  Do you know why? Because they need diesel to work, and diesel is in short supply right now In Germany, the windmills have not been spinning for days.

5a – Did Elon’s Rocket hit the firmament ?

5b – Kent Hovind message

6a – Vaccines are used to Sterilize and Cull

Lucky Chan you never let Alysha have it.., ALL WITH DAUGHTERS WATCH THIS…. Now they want it in boys as well BAKING SODA FOR CERVICAL CANCER…………POLIO disappeared with cleanliness  WATCH worth while.


6b – WEF Orders World Govt’s To Lower the Age of Consent to 12


7 – Grandma’s Recipe For Curing The Flu


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