2023/11/27th -Wisdom of Xi Ninping + Albanese

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1a – The damning proof that viruses do not exist

If you promoted the covid hoax you are liable at your full commercial liability for the damage caused by that hoax virus as Viruses do not exist. Ergo, the hoax virus has never been seen nor isolated anywhere. 

1b – Population is the greatest threat – The Big Lie from the Club of Rome


2a – Brace Yourself For What’s Coming in 2024


2b – Wisdom of Xi Jinping + Albanese

3 – Charlie interviews Pascal Najad – interesting


4a – Tunnels + children – WARNING Australia – One pic is enough


4b – I uncovered a child trafficking & drug supply network – And the government and media went after me


4c – The Political Class are compromised by Devil’s Breath Blackmail Drug – By traffickers posing as Paedophile Hunters and Liberationists


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5 – What if Cancer is really Parasites

6 – Jew expulsions thru history – why ?


7 – “Nikola Tesla Speech”

I just want to clarify that while Nikola Tesla did say this from word to word, it was actually from an interview for a newspaper, but this was was not the recording of his own voice. This recording is actually from a documentary which quoted Tesla and not from Tesla himself. I extensively searched for his voice recordings for years and I wasn’t able to find the genuine Tesla’s voice recording anywhere. He did hundreds of presentation for different institutes, colleges, companies and often for wealthy elite yet we can’t find a single voice recording. I can assure you that they’ve hidden al his recorded speeches

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8a – Military Arrests “Cloning Scientist”

I am assured by one who knows that Michael Baxter is a White Hat.


8b – JAG Hangs 250 in October


8c – Message from Michael Flynn 

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9a – Sea Shells Update 25 Nov

9b – Sea Shells Q + A

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