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1a – Another minute of Common Sense

1b – What happens when you combine Aluminium + Mercury

Since some vaccines use aluminum as adjuvants and some use mercury, does the same reaction take place when the mercury found in vaccines, interacts with the aluminum adjuvants found in other vaccines you’ve already taken? 

1c – The misinformation and disinformation bill will censor all freedom of speech in Australia


2a – FINALLY… the masses have awaken.

ONLY 2% of Americans now will take the vax… good people educating them


2b – Tara Rodas Whistle blower – US Govt

3a – Q Update: Fall Of Cabal Creator Missing & Presumed Dead! Pray NOW


3b – Emergency Broadcast – NZ Police Raid Whistleblower’s Home


3c – Data from US Medicare and the New Zealand Ministry of Health shows, beyond any doubt, that the COVID vaccines have killed millions

It’s finally here: record-level data showing vaccine timing and death date. There is no confusion any longer: the vaccines are unsafe and have killed, on average, around 1 person per 1,000 doses.


3d – Evidence the shots are killing people

Thanks to the efforts of a courageous whistle blower, the ENTIRE WORLD now knows and can see the data that proves the COVID vaccines have KILLED over 10,000 people in just New Zealand alone as part of the New World Order’s depopulation agenda… Check out the whistle blowers testimony here – This video has already been removed from youtube by the globalists who control google. Google is the parent company who now owns youtube.


4a – The identity of senior police officer accused of drunkenly crashing and abandoning his work car will be kept secret for 40 years.  

4b – Hamas $$

4b – Aust RBA Gov reasons as causing inflation

Absolute bullshit! The Reserve Bank’s new boss is warning Australians they’re spending their way to extra interest rate rises. Michelle Bullock is blaming haircuts, visits to the dentist and eating out as key factors in what she… Any one with half a brain surely has worked out that the charging and/or receiving Interest is the sole cause of all inflation

Now learn and know the real cause of inflation


4c – Norway Seed Vault

5a – Queensland Premier under pressure

Disgruntled, senior figures within the Labor Party are working to have Annastacia Palaszczuk stand aside as Queensland Premier, fearing she cannot win next year’s election.

5b – What do you do with someone who’s murdered their own people?

WATCH THIS one doctor who gave the jabs has killed 400 of his patients…to date and probably more coming. Send this viral for people to stop taking the shot… they have all the gov documents out there because of the courageous whistle blower,,, he will be killed/murdered soon but he said he had to show the world the truth..  What a hero,  on another vid he said my life is worth saving millions….  For those who had to have it…  detox in a bath …  and take loads of vit C and NAC…  get the rubbish out…


5c – Too bad sporty pro-vaxxers didn’t listen

5d – Another Super Fit 21 yr old athlete dead

6 – Doing it anyway – S A Marxist Labor following UN directions

7a – 13 of the biggest science lies

7b – 5 mins intro to common sense observation

7c – A two-megawatt windmill

A two-megawatt windmill is made up of 260 tons of steel that requires 300 tons or iron ore and 170 tons of coking coal, all mined, transported and produced by hydrocarbons. It holds 700 gallons of oil and hydraulic fluid, and like a car, these need to be replaced every 9 months. People might fall for the idea that we can merrily run on sunshine and breezes, alone, but with a few trillion dollars worth of mythical mega-batteries providing backup for a few minutes, it could spin until it falls apart over and over again and never generate as much energy as was invested in building it. 

8 – The Little Ones Published in 2021 WORLD PREMIER – well worth seeing again


9a – Freemasonry Initiation Ceremonies


9b – Fallen Angels. Not aliens. Not gods.


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