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1 – Strange

2 – 17 Jewish Rabbis Arrested In New Jersey On Human Trafficking Charges

3 – Federal Member admits Treason – Tim Dwyer

Remembering that All States in Australia and Australian “Political Parties” agreed to become a sovereign, independent federal nation under the Australia Acts (Request Act) 1985, thus Removing the Lawful Crown of the Monarchy, “Demoting the State Governors from representing The Queen (Monarchy) Her Most Excellent Majesty, Defender of the Faith”. This removed ANY Royal Assent from that day forward = Treason No Royal Assent = Not Law


Can anyone remember them announcing the Retirement of the Governor General? 🤔 Well, I certainly cannot, nor did i hear of a new one being sworn in.  So then how are we firstly under the Crown or the Commonwealth without a Governor General,  and how can a Lawful or Legal Government or Parliament exist without a Governor General ?

4 – Master Card & the UN Are Now Trying to Freeze Your Spending 

5 – Liz Gunn NZ Government Whistleblower EXPLODES Worldwide

NOT SHOWN ON COMMERCIAL TV… Liz says,, phone or email ……. 7 9 and 10 and make them put this on the news… DEMAND IT., but we all have to….people power.


6 – Patriot Highlights 3/12/2023

The Real Chief Of Police. – TOPICS: Covid JAB death rate, Whistle blower, celebrities still alive, San Francisco homeless, cabal update, headline news and more.


7 – Michael Jackson’s last phone call.

Difficult to understand – Read – He said – “I don’t know if I should tell you this, I don’t know who may be listening. There may be a group of people—they want to get rid of me. They don’t want me here anymore.” 

8 – New Sh*tshow: NZ Whistle blower Raided and Arrested, Liz Gunn In Flight For Her Safety,

NZ Grassroots Group VFF Say This Whistleblower Came To Them Two Years Ago, They Tried To Work With Him



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