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2a – Australia’s – 2 Party Electoral system

2b – Senator Matt Canavan calls out Katy Gallagher on her claims that the national Digital ID will be voluntary    

3 – Liz Gunn New Zealand – 8 min summary

A lot of people waking up post jab thanks to this interview. Be kind. Their “eyes” are going to sting. They’ve never used them before. “NZ health Dept database administrated by one person, who also has a moral compass set to right side of history. This data is shocking. Liz is apparently in hiding and Barry Young (Winston Smith?) Arrested for exposing the truth

4a – Fake fake caught out again

4b – Your Turn will come – Acquiescence is agreement

L.A.W – ( Land – Air – Water ) It needs to be understood that ALL “Governments” are a corporation, and conduct themselves under contract LAW – Acquiescence is agreement, “Governments” ALWAYS take silence for anything they throw at you, to mean agreement, Speak NOW or forever be under tyranny . . .

4c – List of Cabal CIA Coups – It’s all coming out 

4d – The alleged “evil” things Gaddafi did

The cabal knows very well how to make good people look bad to the public. American armed forces and CIA  operatives were the real ones dragging Gaddafi down the streets.

5a – EU to siege your older cars


5b – What’s happening to our food ?

5c – The Earth is not over-populated 

6a – Message From Cliff High – Dec 3, 2023

So the ‘Splits Happening’ divide in the media is growing very rapidly now. More and more outlets are tagging the ‘covid vaccine’ as a ‘deliberate death shot’. The DELIBERATE part will sink in to the normie minds & cause real problems by the end of January.  We are very close to entering the ‘retribution’ phase of the covid-psyop in which many many harmed people & relatives of those MURDERED by the vaxx are going to start ‘acting out’ (watch for this language).  They will start individually, excepting in a couple of places where we will see a form of ‘mob justice’ take over the local population (briefly, & spectacularly). 

BUT the impetus will be for those who succeed in their ‘acting out’ to get something of a ‘vigilante’ mindset. We should see a few of these incidents by end of Jan. That is when the ‘fire gets fanned’ by the media.  Very bad time for a lot of people who are now alive but won’t be then.  As we move into this deeper Splits Happening, we should see several of the ‘direct assaults’ on media personalities. Some people you watch on TV will get the shit kicked out of them, on TV.  That part will bring back some real entertainment to the viewers.

6b – A message from Jack Straw

6c – Message from Wyatt Earp – 4 Dec

6d – Message from Wolverine and Mark

Reno is funded- I confirmed with my Reno contact, one notch above us.  We are at the wire with this RV folks!  Hi Wolvie, Just to give you and everyone else hope, within the last month three encouraging things happened. The first one was I got an e-mail from Infiniti asking to earn my business.  They have 70 Infinities to choose from and if I want an Autograph QX60 they have it with a 3 year premium maintenance plan.  The e-mail said they would bring the cars to me to test drive!  It’s an hour away!! The second thing was I got a letter from a wealth management company.  The letter said I am counted among the wealthiest Americans.  

They are enthusiastic about the possibilities because as far as they can tell, I’m not only personally successful, but I am astute enough to see the benefits of professional money management.  Third thing was a new Chase bank was just finished being built near me.  I thought it was strange when banks are failing, so it just opened a couple of weeks ago.  From the front it looks like a regular bank.   I drove around to the back and on the doors say, “Wealth Management Centre.” Just so you know, I am in no position to buy anything, let alone an Infinity, and there’s no money to manage.  We’re struggling like everyone else to pay the mortgage, bills and keep food on the table.  It’s tough, but I know it’s coming.   Keep the faith.  

7a – More free energy from the Past

7b – Great old Country music from 1965

I know many of y’awl like this and you can actually hear the words


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