2023/12/07th – The Data dam is bursting

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There must be dozens of real Australians working in various Govt Depts who have access to similar data that Barry Young exposed – Expose it now or be convicted for concealing a crime.

1a – The Data dam is bursting:

Now it’s Korean studies revealing mRNA vax threats It is too late now for the rats to escape their punishment. Those who imposed the covid poison will pay, no doubt. What goes around comes around


1b — Barry Young NZ released on bail

Barry Young: The Courageous Whistle-blower Unveiling New Zealand’s COVID Vaccine Crisis and Surge in Excess Deaths. Released on Bail: Panic Strikes New Zealand Government Over Potentially Incendiary Data Leak, Threatening to Ignite Scandal Among Globalist Elites and Implicate Devotee of World Economic Forum Cult, Former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern #WEF#WEF2030Agenda#DepopulationAgenda#NewZealand#KlausSchwab#


Note – Barry informed every politician 2 weeks before the release – Not one, responded !!

2 – General Michael Flynn

U.S. Army LTG (Ret)/ Former National Security Advisor. This is a spiritual war as well as a physical war. 

3 – Former radio broadcaster Alan Jones has denied allegations

of indecently assaulting young men during his 20-year tenure at Sydney’s 2GB. The allegations made against Mr. Jones were published by The Sydney Morning Herald on the morning of Dec 7. But they have not been proven. NSW Police say no official complaints have ever been lodged and the accused is innocent until proven otherwise.”

4 – King Charles’ Abdication looms…

as Court deputizes British police to arrest him as a convicted felon.  Crown and Church officials to name more names in return for clemency, as Court authorizes citizens to seize Crown assets.  London/Vancouver: In the wake of a November 20 court verdict that found him guilty of ordering the murder of Canadian indigenous elder William Combes, Charles Mountbatten-Windsor faces arrest under international law, and new pressure on him to abdicate his throne. 


5a – Message to all Australian Politicians

It is often said by Members of Parliament inside the Australian System of Government that “the Government will create jobs’. It is NOT THE ROLE of government to create jobs. They are there, in theory, to govern us for peace, welfare and good government only. It is the ‘Commoners’ who create the wealth, who create the jobs in a society where we do have a government who supports and assists us, for our benefit and that of our nation, not, as in this case for the benefit of their own corporate businesses. 

Extract] ‘Freedom of the Individual and Property Rights’

Dr Mark Cooray, LLB (Hons) Ceylon; Phd (Cambridge); Phd (Colombo)

“8.9 Property Insecure When Government Intervenes”

The reason for this should be apparent. Man’s necessity for property is absolute; his survival and all activities depend upon it. When government has control of it all, man’s concern with it becomes preponderant for his access to it is no longer secure. Not only does it magnify the importance of property but also of government. Total control over all property becomes the means for total control over men. The law which disposes property in this situation also disposes men. Indeed, the wedding of property to government turns the control over things into control over men. What may start out as an effort to subordinate property ends up as the subordination of man”.

 The Right Honourable Joseph Benedict (Ben) Chifley,  16th Prime Minister, once wrote: “To us, the throne in no way usurps the rights of the people.  It is a symbol of the liberty of the people.  With us, the prerogatives of the Crown have become the privileges of the people.” In a speech given by the former Justice of the High Court of Australia Michael D. Kirby he states:-

[Extract] “In the Australian Commonwealth sovereignty belongs to all of the people who are Australian nationals. They are the ‘electors’ who vote for the legislatures. Their participation is needed, under the Constitution, to change the basic law. In this context, “sovereignty” does not belong to Parliaments, whether the Federal Parliament or a State Parliament any more than to the Crown, which is sometimes for historical reasons called the sovereign. Those bodies are instruments, in their own particular spheres, of the people’s sovereignty. Necessarily, each sphere is limited. Only the people, conceived as a whole, enjoy the entire ultimate sovereign governmental powers. And today even that assertion must be qualified by reference to international law and global forces.”

“……to talk of parliamentary “sovereignty” is not only incorrect; it is positively misleading. It leads parliamentarians to believe that they enjoy a plenary and uncontrolled power. At least under Australia’s constitutional arrangements, that is never the case. Their powers are always subject to the written Constitution and ultimately determinable by courts of law. Where governments enjoy large majorities in a unicameral parliament, or effective majorities in both houses of a bicameral parliament, the role of the courts in protecting minority rights becomes more important. It is a power to be exercised lawfully, wisely and for the purpose of protecting the true sovereign – all of the people of the polity concerned.”

“In this sense, the legislators are not “sovereign”, if ever they were. They are subject to the overriding requirements of human rights and fundamental freedoms. In this way, the legislators in Parliament are reminded of their subordination, more than in occasional and sometimes chancy elections, to the basic rights of the true sovereign – the people whom all public officials serve. In Australia, we have a written Constitution that is accepted as enjoying a superior and entrenched status.” 

5b – ‘Like the Voice never happened’

Pushes being made for Indigenous treaty, billions more to be wasted paying fictitious compensation claims that supposedly happened without any forensic evidence — based entirely on what someone was told by someone else who told someone else a 100 years ago. 

More commonly known as a bulldust confidence job where gullible small minds get sucked into the dreaming dollar-based fantasy — time to get over it and grow what happened in the past has no relevance today — it has become an obsessive Aboriginal mental health issue. The whole approach to aboriginally affairs were rejected by the people of Australia who voted ‘NO”. And the rorts continue paying massive fees for unqualified incompetence wasting your taxpayers money that would be better spent on health to solve ambulance ramping and saving lives.  NO MEANS NO

6 – My child has been vaccinated naturally   

7 – Tartaria – Mercury and Magnets

8 – Posted by Wolverine Wednesday December 6, 2023

Good afternoon The four test deliveries finished last night and Reno will begin tonight.  EU and Zurich tomorrow.  Reno payments start Thursday and EU and Zurich payments start Monday the 11th.  I pray they allow Billion Sow to start Thursday.

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