2023/12/08th – if you have connections to the Father … now would be a good time to use them.

Just in 1am – TRUE OR FAKE ?? – World Banks collapse – stock mkt panic

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When people do nothing to stop the evil, they are CONSENTING to let it happen to them.  Church people… if you have real connections to the Father … now would be a good time to use them.

1a – A bank spying clause added to the Data Protection & Digital Information Bill for vote tomorrow.

1b – Meanwhile, Across the Ditch … ABC News – yeah right

Typical BS of attacking the messenger, from Govt funded “scientists” defending the system, probably are jab exempt.

In other vaccine news, New Zealand man Barry Young — who reportedly also goes by the name “Winston Smith”, the protagonist of George Orwell’s novel 1984 — has been revealed as the source for a recent claim that 30 people from the same clinic had died after receiving a COVID-19 jab, as previously reported in this newsletter. That claim rested on a much-hyped dataset that proponents, including former NZ reporter and unsuccessful election candidate Liz Gunn, promised would show that the vaccines were linked to “tens of thousands of deaths” in New Zealand, in what was described as “the mother of all revelations”.

Mr Young, who has no clinical background, has been charged with dishonestly accessing personal medical data held by his employer, the government body that runs the nation’s hospitals. He faces up to seven years’ jail if convicted, according to local news reports. With the long-promised data finally available to be analysed, experts have weighed in with their verdicts on the findings. These were neatly summarised by The Post newspaper as “nonsense”. Several statistical and clinical experts contacted by the newspaper said the data did not show any causal link between vaccination and excess deaths among the population.

Moreover, the analysis failed to control for factors such as age differences. “If you look at the crude number of deaths, yes, that has gone up a little bit since before the pandemic,” said Michael Plank, a mathematician at the University of Canterbury. “But if you actually account for the fact that the population is larger and older now … that age, standardised mortality rate is actually lower now than before the pandemic.” Janine Paynter, a senior researcher at the University of Auckland, likewise told The Post that controlling for age was critical. “More people die when they are old rather than young unless there is a war. I also take into account deprivation, ethnicity and sex because these things affect death rates as well as age — if you don’t take them into account then your findings are nonsense.”


1c – And furthermore Gallagher –

Even if you choose not to view this informative video regarding what is coming down the track for all, including you, it is coming. It is coming as JUSTIN CASTRO (TRUDEAU) has begun his communistic manoeuvres in Canada to demonstrate exactly what he, KLAUS SCHWAB and his band of NAZIS will do.  I hold no pity for you or any of the other dumb, moronic blockheads that infest OUR PARLIAMENTS who continue on with the ONE WORLD ORDER as defined decades ago when we tried to warn all Australians what was coming. KLAUS SCHWAB, un-elected to any position by any political demographic, BILL GATES an un-elected lame-brain who tells us what “THEY” are going to do when nobody of any consequence had asked him to do anything for us, and I iterate here to you and the other lame-brains in OUR PARLIAMENT that these foreign douche bags have no authority to do anything in OUR COUNTRY, as WE, THE PEOPLE have never asked then nor consented to any of the nonsense YOU promote.

BILL GATES promotes himself as being in charge of something yet he is only a swelled headed rich kid with no feeling whatsoever for others. I tell you he has no consent from me nor will I comply with anything that comes from his group of criminals. He has had no medical training yet you people hang on his every word and fail to understand when he is telling you to your face about “their” plans to depopulate the planet. Are you so thick you do not understand what is going on, or you know and go along with it? Have you not yet grasped the idea that the covid hoax was just a plan to kill and see how far they could drive the people toward what they want? 

Either way you are on the outer and I pity you and your cohorts as to how you fare in the long term after Nurnberg 2.0 is completed in its good work. It appears obvious that you care not for THE PEOPLE of the Commonwealth of Australia. That is the one and only job of you and the rest of the usual suspects in OUR parliaments, to care for THE PEOPLE. You have clearly not done your due diligence girlie. I believe it is becoming more difficult for your criminals to understand just the position you are in. THE PEOPLE have just had enough, are fed up and very soon you will be snowed under with problems of complaints and directions from your employers, WE, THE PEOPLE, as to what you must and must not do. It will become a landslide.

Unstoppable digital warriors just keeping you all informed 24/7 of where you fit in the great scheme of all things. You are OURS. We tell you what to do. Just in case you do not understand this I will send you the documents that show you clearly that you must do what we want, not what you or your disgustingly criminal parties wants. Go on with your plans to follow the WEF, the WHO, the IMF, the UN and feel the wrath of THE PEOPLE. You do not yet understand your position but you should soon learn it. Not difficult as all you have to do is what THE PEOPLE want and we do not want much. That creature you xuckwits made “prime miniature” of Australia is the weakest man I have ever come across in my 79 years. What a disgrace he is to THE PEOPLE of Australia and the community in general. Where had you all parked your brains when you made him it?  Do you get that?????   LEONARD WILLIAM  Tribal name YARRAMAN  

Now see this next video and wake up Gallagher

1d – Canada Euthanizing Thousands of Citizens With Low Credit Scores Every Week – Media Blackout


2a – Did your children inform you about this ?

There must be dozens of real Australians working in various Govt Depts, Hospitals and medical centres etc, who have access to the above and similar data that Barry Young exposed – Expose it now or be convicted for concealing a crime.

2b – I million vaxxed have died in 2 yrs in England


2c – Retarded Parents inject 2 yr old baby – death


3a – By your deeds ye shall be known

3b – Coles + Woolworths

4a – Who has all the tapes from Epstein Island?


4b – Child Trafficking is real – watch closely on full screen

4c – Chinese organ harvesters – frozen children packed in ice.

5a – U.S. Government Shutdown Imminent? Possibly lining up for lockdown over Christmas.

5b – Bruce reports The National Bank of Japan, their central bank, crashed today. And about 9 others will crash in next few days. Do we need to wait for all banks to crash?  Don’t know. Some say on or before the 14th it has to happen.  Bankers in Europe go on holiday 12/15-1/15. However, that could be different this year. It is possible tomorrow is our day. If 2am happens for the bondholders, and if shotgun, tomorrow should be great for us too.

6 – Watch 1 minute while waiting for it to happen

7 – Spam phone callers = urgent warning

People have been receiving calls from
       Tel: +375602605281
       Tel: +37127913091
       Tel: +37178565072
       Tel: +56322553736
       Tel: +37052529259
       Tel: +255901130460
or any number starting from *+371 +375 +381*

These guys only ring once and hang up.
If you call back, they can copy your contact list in 3sec and if you have a bank or credit card details on your phone, they can copy that too…

   +375 code is for Belarus.
   +371 code is for Lativa.
   +381 Serbia.
   +563 Valparaiso.
   +370 Vilnius.
   +255 Tanzania.

*Don’t answer*  or *Call back.*

Also, Don’t Press
*#90  or  #09*
on your Mobile when asked by any caller.

It’s a new trick which is use to access your SIM card, make calls at your expense and frame you as a criminal.

*URGENTLY FORWARD* this message to as many friends as you can to stop any intrusion.


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