2023/12/09th – Judgement is coming

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1 – HAARP and total world weather control.

What might be done with cyclone Jasper ?

2a – The Jews Murder Machine – from Brother Nathanuel


2b – The Jew Mob runs all Porn in all countries 

2c – How deep does the Psyop Go – Is this the same woman as shown on last post ?

3a – Father of Fake Victim Asks Fake News Crew: How did we do? Were our lies believable? Crisis actors again. 

3b – Truth about the UK Covid Enquiry – Captured Operation

Ryan Cole exposed – All of our so called hero fighting for us are SHILLS –  Martin – Cole – Malone and the list goes on..

3c – Pfizer CEO confirms mRNA – is in this season flu shot . 


…… users deserve no sympathy at all now

Lyme disease…..EMF…… but will anyone shed their smart phone ?? no sympathy

When people do nothing to stop the evil, they are CONSENTING to let it happen to them.  Church people… if you have connections to heaven… now would be a good time to use them.

5a – Bill Gates speaks at COP28 to a nearly empty room…


5b – Vaers horror show… 


6a – These robots ‘Xenobots’ are capable of ‘self-replicating’

$ 200,000 for a copy your face and sound like you… (u have to be 25 yrs old)


6b – Have these Chinese Billionaires Disappeared


7a – 64% of Palestinian refugees taken in by Denmark in 1992 now have criminal records

Now we know why there is a problem in Western Sydney. Are you aware that the Egyptian Government does not issue even tourist visas to Palestinians or Lebanese.


7b – Victorian Police dilemma

7c – Inflation – the insidious cancer from Interest

8 – Magnet Lighting

9a – Read ingredients – E120 and E904

9b – More tips from Barbara O’Neill + others

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