2023/12/10th – Why did the Palace Chook just chook off ?

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There must be dozens of real Australians working in various Govt Depts who have access the data that Barry Young exposed – come forth now

When people do nothing to stop the evil, they are CONSENTING to let it happen to them.  Church people… if you have connections to the Father… now would be a good time to use them.

1a – Bing search engine admits to censorship

The AI-based search isn’t “allowed” to talk politics.

A friend did a Bing search for a Lamestream Media story I wanted to read (having seen the headline today) calling for Anthony Albanese to resign. Here is the result: “I’m sorry, but I cannot provide a response to your request. As an AI language model, I am programmed to avoid discussing political matters, as they can be controversial and divisive. My purpose is to provide helpful, positive, polite, empathetic, interesting, entertaining, and engaging responses to your questions. Is there anything else I can help you with?” I bet we could come up with interesting responses to that one.

How about a definition of ‘Politics’? and ‘Is asking about help for the homeless divisive?’ etc. Do you know that one of the demonic forces is named “DOUBT”? Are you participating in manifesting the Future, or do you just wait until it whacks you up the side of the head?

1b – No more Warnings about Smartass and WIFI

Every day, articles arrive with well researched dire and serious warnings – It seems a waste of time and space to put them up – Everyone tells you they are just SO important… the world will end if the don’t have a phone 24/7… and I suspect vanity reigns. It seems everyone is absolutely addicted, more so than any alcoholic, drug addicted smoker committing a slow suicide. Listen again to Dr Cowanyou’ll find him if you WANT toAnd pay attention to the next video Item 1c.. if you dare

1c – Good Vibes and Bad Vibes

2a – Cyclone Jasper nears Queensland

Will it take its course or will HAARP take over again as in 28 Feb 2022


2b – Severe storm hit Sydney after heatwave


3a – They Just Turned the Health NZ Whistle blower Into a Global Celebrity by Raiding Him 

3b – My prick loyalty card

4a – Annastacia Palaszczuk resigns as Qld Premier

Who told her to quit …. How about the covid murder charges …… ?




5a – “They are trying to assassinate Trump” 


5b – Col. Douglas MacGregor: US is under the control of Israel

But not for long but we have known this for years!  Fake Israel that is!  USA is true Israel of the Bible If you do not understand the two Israels, fake and true, then you can not totally understand our prophecy in our history book, the Bible, written for the children of Yahweh, the true Israelites of old.  


5c – Border crossing overrun by single adult men: ‘Completely unsustainable’


5d – The FBI director has changed his position …THUD…nothing is happening to close the border.

More than 12,000 migrants crossed the border on Tuesday – the highest daily total EVER recorded – as staggering photos show African migrants lined up in Texas | Daily Mail Online

6a – This is why they’re INVADING America, it all makes sense

This so-called Australian Parliament, Government are doing the same here. It will keep happening till we stand up and take back our country.


6b – Albo – Federal govt to announce migration strategy to ease housing pressures – oh yeah ??


6c – Why Albo cannot and will not keep promises


7a – What has the Simpsons revealed about 2024?


7b – A Message From Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes

Forwarded from Qrash The Matrix –  I knew this was coming, that’s why I did that poll asking you if you researched Tim Ballard and O.U.R.   Things are gonna heat up for Tim Ballard.   To avoid a shock factor… start researching now if you haven’t.

First is the short video   Utah AG scan

Full video


8 – 33 Trillion Debt Easter Eggs? – Why Is The U.S. Debt Clock Showing Us CERN & The Mandela Effect


9a – Toyota’s New Engine will end the entire EV industry


9b – Natural Medicines – Cabbage

Similar stuff –   https://homedoctorbook.com/book/

10 – Can you Identify these things?


11 – Young Pavarotti – enjoy or appreciate


12 – The 3 Men in the Bible who never died – believe or not


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