2023/12/14th – Eph 5.11 is not a suggestion   

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1a – Post by Liz Gunn on X

This video from Dublin was removed from all social media. We asked for Proof that the virus actually exists. And the Proof was that the virus does NOT exist. SAVE IT NOW

There must be dozens of real Australians working in various Govt Depts who have access the data that Barry Young exposed – come forth now

The Treasurer is a shareholder in the ATO.see 3a on 13 Dec

Did you know that a GPO is a Government PO Box

The union bosses have spoken and Palaszczuk is out of a job. Steven Miles is giggling at the prospect of fooling Queenslanders into believing he represents real change. We need to remind Queenslanders that it doesn’t matter who sits in the chair, because Queenslanders are still stuck with the same old chaos and crisis.

1b – We are at War

2a – Eph 5.11 is not a suggestion

The word reprove is an imperative verb and is a command to expose. To expose unfruitful works of darkness means the uncomfortable work of confronting them, rebuking them, and showing them to be wrong. When people do nothing to stop the evil, they are CONSENTING to let it happen.

Watch all of this seven parts

2b – Smartmark – Kid’s cartoon on Netflix

3a – A background – Dragon Families of Asia.

3b – Q intel – Underground Network operations

For ye who think nothing is going on. These facilities being 10s of miles deep raises questions about the supposed lava centred globe and so called gravity and pressure ? Methinks the underground is like a vast honeycomb See Item 8 previous post

4a – Invisibility cloak

4b – EMF Radiation Poisoning

More from the same guy who exposed it – see 2a on post 12 Dec Another item for WIFI & smartass device lovers to ignore

5 – The Broken Cross – used by the RC Pope + even some protestant churches

by respected Bible teacher Walter Veith

6 – Nikola Tesla’s Youth and Strength At 78


7 – Undersea Giant – A butter knife + a helmet ?

8 – Media Blackout: Ten News Stories they didn’t tell you this week


9 – President Trump live Dec 13 2023

Note the young men at the back trying to get selfies with the Boss

AND https://t.me/MajorFreddysChannel/39023

10 – Health tip – Drink no water with your meals

More Tartaria to amaze us all

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