2023/12/15th – Italian Health Minister charged with Murder by Covid Vaxx   

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1a – Italian Health Minister to face Multiple Murder Charges over the deaths caused by Covid mRNA Inoculations.

Let’s hope for the domino effect here with everyone ever involved in jabbing anyone – There are plenty of videos of them promoting the vaxx lies and enforcing harm via mandates etc – There must be dozens of real Australians working in various Govt Depts. hospitals, medical centres etc who have access the data – come forth now and expose the criminals – Eph 5.11

1b – David vs Goliath: The Australian Case vs Pfizer & Moderna in Federal Court


1c – MEP Dominik Tarczynski called out the left-wing corruption at the EU

Watch them walk out on him.. The truth is hard to hear.

2a – Welcome To Disney

Where frogs can turn into princes, Boys can turn into girls and Girls can turn into boys. This is shocking Disney.  Join: The Q Files (https://t.me/+TLJF2b8HB6ZkYjdk)

2b – Punishment the good old way

There are creatures in “high places” and teen criminals who need this

2c – Protecting The Guilty and Destroying USA


3a – Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano

3b – Always Some Bullshit Happening Somewhere


3c – Chris Bowen ‘forgot he wasn’t in Australia’ giving Welcome to Country in Dubai


4a – Obama is back

Barack Obama Orders Govt’s To Prepare Public For Imminent Depopulation Event Just who the hell does Barry Sotero (Barack Obama) and his boyfriend Michael Lavaughn Robinson (Michelle Obama) think they are?.  Yes they are both gay males. The film they have made will sicken you. You will also see KLAUS SCHWAB at his worst in this video. They are not human.

SCHWAB salivates over the prospect of a cyber attack upon the world destroying all. The Obamas are back and as usual they are doing the devil’s work. Leave The World Behind is a new Netflix movie produced by the Obamas about a major cyber attack and “global communications breakdown” that just so happens to leave the world in ruins, allowing the globalist elite to usher in a new world order…

9 mins, revealing all that these pieces of human flotsam want to do to you and I. https://rumble.com/v41bh34-barack-obama-orders-govts-to-prepare-public-for-imminent-depopulation-event.html

I suspect the White Hats are aware and prepared to foil this. There is nothing in Bible prophesy about such an event I am aware of.

4b – The system is designed to disconnect you from your intuition.

Why are they flooding Australia and the West with record immigration?

5a – BRICS 2024 Major Expansion Plans Revealed: 40 Countries Want To Join the Bloc

5b – More Hopium from Bruce – 15 Dec

6 – Understand how Creation works according to the Creator

The 100th level Masons know all this see all videos on https://www.larryhannigan.com.au/forgotten-history/27-lost-history-of-architecture-on-earth-erits-real-flat-earth-map-moon/

7 – Geelong City Council – trim the trees and fix the potholes ?

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