2023/12/16th – New Qld Premier will defy the Referendum

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There must be dozens of real Australians working in various Govt Depts who have access to covid data that Barry Young exposed in NZ – come forth now and expose them all

1 – New Qld Premier will defy the Referendum

2a – Explosion at Con Edison Power Plant NYC

Follow up to 4a – Obama is back on post 15 Dec

2b – Been planning this cyber attack for years

Whitney Webb exposes deep state plan – Redacted


3a – NZ Health refuses to talk about their data

They don’t wish to talk about how many kiwis they have murdered ? Scared of what the consequences might be ?

3b – NZ in full blown panic mode

4a – 17 million people would have been killed by this vaccine.

@53 sec – in AUSTRALIA


4b – Families that inject COVID-19 mRNA vaccines

together have heart attacks, blood clots, develop turbo cancer and die suddenly together


4c – Elon Musk discusses ventilators

5 – US to Exit UN and WHO     69 mins


PS – If you’re in Australia, buy GUARANTEED mRNA-free meat for you and your family:

6 – Tucker Carlson telling TRUTH about Media

7a – Embarrassed female reporter

7b – A rubbish bin got stuck on a spy camera ?

8a – Wonder what this show was and when ?

8b – Celeste Solum With Dave Hodges From Commonsenseshow.tv

THE FINAL STAGE…. stack & pack  15 min city.. they will not stop.. Started with 40 now up to 80.. they have to go ‘full steam ahead’  The injured and old will be first on their lists.  Energy gone money gone.. freedom gone.. food gone.. water limited.. farming gone.. own thoughts gone..  Celeste was in FEMA for many many years and knew the inside out.. Play 1.25 or 1.5


9a – Police Union says speed cameras have nothing to do with road safety – It’s all about revenue raising

Unmanned, high-tech speed cameras which monitor speed, direction, location, vehicle occupants and date, send real-time data to police and MRD headquarters’ data bank


9b – Super fast self defense

10a – Magnet light power

10b – Some thoughts on radium heating.


10c – Another rocket skimmed or hit the dome ?

Watch all to the end

11 – Why ban guns ?

12 – American reacts to How The Australian Government Works

play 1.25 speed


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