2023/12/18th – Needle-Free Vaccines “new” doctors ?

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1 – Jacinta Price

2a – NZ – The trailer new doco ‘River of Freedom’ 

2b – The covid virus does not exist and has never been isolated

 in any laboratory because it does not exist.And so the truth continues to emerge. Very soon those responsible for forcing people to be injected with the covid poison will be brought to justice. And we will see the end of the globalists. 


2c – California C-O-V-I-D Nurse exposes deadly C-19 Hospital Protocols


2d – Needle-Free Vaccines And Care Pods – our new doctors..

3 – Cairns News taken down ??

To inform our readers, last night when the newsletter was to be published to your email. a notice appeared on the screen that we had been in violation of rules and our account terminated. It would seem, that “Big Brother” had a hand in this so we have moved on to Mail-Chimp who value their customers,  I know (having a client here for 12 years). We have big plans for our newsletter    Harry Palmer

4 – White Genocide In Ireland. guess who

5 – The Australian airport owned by CHINA – and a secretive firm paid just $1 for a 100-YEAR lease on the land

How come we have to get this from UK News – where are awake Aussies ?


6 – Ever notice the elites don’t die of cancer?

7a – Zuckerberg Builds $275m Bunker On Hawaiian Island


7b – Who is wearing Leg Braces ?

7c – Is this the actor playing Joe Biden ?


8a – Trump says “Sir, do not call him a fat pig.”   

8b – WHO + UN Agenda 2030 – Kinsey pedo mind

9 – Electric Bus fire – firemen have no way to stop this kind of fire 

10a – Snacks Containing Bugs into 1000 Schools



10b – Circle Harvest – Edible Bug Shop  You must boycott this site


10c – They are now BANNING efficient GAS – everything to ELECTRICITY

11a – How DUMB they think you are

Monash had nothing to do with it! It’s been proven safe for years Even BEFORE the Government yanked it out of Australia for their Scamdemic – Note that Trump promoted Ivermectin from the start

11b – 6ft of rain fell on the Cairns catchment

Cairns catchment over the past few days. Imagine if the Bradfield Scheme had been put in place – heaps of hydro electricity and fill the inland rivers  

11c – Dr Steven Greer On Free Energy 

12 – Q & A With Barbara O’Neill


13 – Space is water – video 2 on


14 – Keep hoping for Med-Beds soon

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