2023/12/20th – You are an unlimited source of power

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Morbid humour but unfortunately true – from my cousin in Italy – don’t take this seriously

1a – You are an unlimited source of power 

“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

1b – Jim Caviezel – You were born for this moment

2a – Cannibalism in Plain Sight – Eat the Babies

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2b – People being implanted with Wireless Electromagnetic Devices – Karen kingston

3 – Mother Drone

4a – BRIEF – Mother of Conspiracies

4b – DETAILED – Mother of Conspiracies


4c – How low Earth satellites work – satellite engineer whistle blower

4d – Proof the moon is not a spherical rock – but they deny with lies

4e – Believers of Plasa moon skyrocketing so the Cabal creates more lies and distractions

5 – Proving the Earth Flat or Globe – Rob Skiba

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