2023/12/22th – Warning bells are ringing – be ready for anything – good or bad

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1a – Can you see it yet ?  

1b – What is going on ?

2a – Aphra backs down thanks to Dr William Bay, Australian GP Registrar who opposes MRNA Jabs

2b – Steve Kirsch – NZ’s Ministry of Health Replies


2c – The virus truth – Dr Robert Young

3a – Australia ‘improved’ when Andrews resigned


3b – A Zionist wrote the Uluru statement

His name is all over the web today… hidden no longer


3c – Revealed – The Blackmailing of Our Reps

4a – Dr. Melissa McCann: A Summary Of The Australian COVID Vaccine Injuries Class Action Lawsuit


4b – Governor of the RBA Michele Bullock talking about charging people using their own cash, transition into bank digital currency.

4c – World’s first AI doctor’s office (Propaganda

5a – Fox News – Trump kicked off Colorado Ballot

5b – Trump Tweet 2021

I remember seeing this tweet back in 2021 – Is it being recirculated by the left to make it appear Trump is done for? – No, the White Hats are still trying to awaken the sleepers of the fraud etc 

5c – Trump’s 2024 Republican rivals back him

5d – Marines Arrest Colorado SCJ Who Voted to Remove President Trump from State Ballot


6a – Tucker Carlson a few minutes ago  

6b – Lara Logan drops Mega MAGA drops – will blow your mind


6c – Trailer to a new documentary: Starvation

7 – Entire MTV cast destroyed by Vaxx

8 – Teen car thieves solution by Mexican Police

Boy of Boy – that would really sting ?? never forget

9a – Light that works on ocean water and stays on for 45 days 

This invention can be revolutionary, you can make the same invention but in a bigger size that might allow you to power a house, they have the ability to give you free energy if they want. Free energy is real they just made it hidden.

9b – Emergency Oil Lamp 

9c – Technology from the early 1900s 

10 – 12 year old idea of smart cities

11 – Hidden meanings behind the Wizard of Oz 

12a – Special Operations Australia


12b – How To RENEW CAR & TRUCK Batteries


12c – Lemon clear Lungs and Cough


13 – Bruce’s call 21 Dec – I wonder which Christmas ?


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