2023/12/27th – There is only 1 timeline

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1 – There is only 1 timeline – Alex Collier 

2a – Anger – don’t fall for it  

2b – Have a nice day – say it politely

3a – Trump – A Christmas to Remember 

3b – Surfers Paradise – a Christmas day to remember

4 – Trump was never really off the ballot

5a – More arrests

5b – 45 predators caught in sting operation – cannibalism

5c – CIA Being Sued for Hiding COVID Pandemic Records


6 – COVID Vaccines: 52.5k Brits Died Suddenly in 8 Months in 2022


7 – Illegal Alien Invasion Maps Exposed

There were more than 12,600 migrants encountered at the southern border in the last 24 hours, the highest single-day total ever recorded. The true number is *significantly* higher because thousands are still waiting to be processed.


8 – Dr. McCullough Issues Warning to Clot Shot Pushers

You Are Complicit in Crimes Against Humanity “Each and every person [who] ever encouraged, pressured, coerced, or threatened reprisal for one of these COVID-19 vaccines is complicit in a crime against humanity, and that crime is mass negligent homicide.”

Any of them you know of – have their names ready for the military lockdown executions.

9a – Radio Frequencies – another one for smartass users to ignore so they can justify their devices

Dr Cowan warned us years ago – since the time that radios were invented, and Radar flooded the world – so many diseases etc appeared Search Dr Cowan on this site

9b – Australian best supplier of long life survival foods

View Products and order   https://www.survivalsuppliesaustralia.com.au/?b7=lh-

10a – Do not drink Council tap water, especially if It has been boiled

10b – Antibiotics – Barbara O’Neill

11 – Elon Musk Unleashes The New Med Beds

hmm… I am dubious about the so called “extraterrestrial” origins


12 – Bruce’s Call  26 Dec

Bruce says the St Germaine Trust was opened on Christmas day and funds were distributed worldwide. Rodriguez Trust funds were distributed to the US only.

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