2023/12/28th – The Global Military Operation Storm 

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If you do not believe that there are good men and women at work in the Military and elsewhere, appointed by God – then there is no hope for you and you will not live much longer – SEE Item 8

1a – Trump Shocking News 12.27: The Global US Military Operation Storm 


1b – Q: The greatest military intelligence operation of our time

More than 5 years ago, insiders under the pseudonym “Q” shared the first posts on the hacker platform 4chan, triggering an awakening that spread like wildfire around the world. But who is behind Q? A trip down the rabbit hole shows that Donald J. Trump (Q+) himself has given us plenty of clues.

2a – FBI probing death threats against Trump ruling judges


2b – Urgent Emergency – US Airports shut down – Tactical Alert issued


2c – Fake news ???

3a – Refusing $3 Million to NOT vote For Trump   

3b – John McAfee: Your Phone is the Greatest Spy Device Ever Created


4a – CDC – 143,000% surge in fatal cancers among vaxxed Americans


4b – New York Times sues Microsoft and OpenAI


5a – What is a Black Swan Event ?  watch the water

5b – CBS Reporter Warns of ‘Black Swan Event’ in 2024, “A National Security Crisis with Unpredictable High Impact”


6a – Australia Black Swan event – Is this just another fake warning

as there was a few weeks ago predicting giant hailstones in half of NSW – It went out to sea – we were toldBest to be prepared anyway – the Cabal is desperate

6b – Eureka 2.0 Lets Go – Tim Dwyer

Colour of law – noun – A mere semblance of legal right; something done with the apparent authority of law but actually in contravention of law. Look who owns the court building…


6c – Strict new-car emissions standards coming to Australia from 2025, utes and 4WDs among hardest hit, transport trucks




7a – The World Ahead In 2024 – Economist Magazine Shows Us The Blueprint For America’s Planned Collapse – how the Cabal conditions us all with fake news – take notice


7b – Smart Cities – Deception and truth about the UN and WEF plans – their plans, not ours


8 – Airborne mRNA Vaccines – Who Wants People Secretly Vaxxed! – Air, Food & Water


9 – When Eddie Murphy red pilled  

10 – When you listen to music – Altered frequencies which impact every cell in your body. – MonroeInstitute Hemi Sync Music


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