2023/12/30th – the end and the beginning

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The truth about the truth is that people don’t really want to hear the truth. They want to hear what they already believe is the truth, even if it is false. And that is the truth

1a – Follow up to Item 6a last night 29th Dec – next 3 images – we were warned – heavy rain near Gympie so far – hope this does not happen as predicted

1b – Ventura Beach California 28 Dec

Most unusual wave – Watch full screen – this even made Ch 9 Qld News


2a – On Wed. 27 Dec. Trump Explicitly announced on Telegram

“If you haven’t noticed, we are now past the “Silent War” phase and are into the “Open Conflict” phase of this battle for control of our own destinies. Next Stop: Worldwide simultaneous Mass Population Awakening – the “Nuclear” Strike against MKUltra.

It’s Time for the Secret Plan. In one week everything is going to change. The channels you were all waiting for with devastating information which is kept secretly from the public. A big scandal has happened this week, so we have it all. This was promised by Trump & JFK Jr. on Telegram Wed. 27 Dec.

  • The United States Military is about to unleash an astonishing spectacle that will reverberate across the globe – deploying not one, not two, but seven naval fleets comprising an astonishing 180 to 350 warships, including battleships, aircraft carriers, cruiser ships, and even formidable nuclear submarines. Brace yourself for the grandeur, as this spectacle unfolds across 22 time zones!
  • Global Alliances Redefined as Africa Joins Forces with Russia: More marines will be swiftly dispatched to numerous nations across the world. Simultaneously, in a seismic shift, over 24 African nations have forged a ground breaking pact with Russia, firmly breaking ties with the UN and major NATO-supporting countries like Germany, France, and Norway.
  • Neutral African nations are lining up to join this extraordinary Alliance, with over 20 countries proudly flying the Russian flag. The once all-powerful CIA-NATO African grip is shattered as Russia’s influence skyrockets, while a nerve-wracking military coup unfolds in Niger, Africa, sending shockwaves as Russia’s Wagner Group steps in. As Putin boldly proclaims the end of the New World Order, a new era dawns.
  • Trump’s Thundering Return: Unmasking the Deep State: Hold your breath as the storm intensifies, with the U.S. Department of Defense’s Task Force Jan Hayes revealing jaw-dropping truths on national TV. Brace yourself for President Trump’s strategic Executive Orders are set to shatter the foundations of election interference and expose the leader of the once-powerful U.S. Corporation – none other than Joe Biden. And that’s not all – Trump’s repost of this earth-shattering video unleashes a storm of military communications, confirming the staggering revelations.

2b – The End Of An Empire – Robert Kiyosaki

2c – J6 Footage – obliterates Dems’ Narrative


3a – The Bad Actors in Society Always Punished


3b – GITMO Update – Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp Arrests,

Indictments and Executions for Thousands of New Ex-Elite Prisoners – Official Documents


4a – AFP Commissioner is seriously mentally ill and dangerous – Do not approach

See full video – https://rumble.com/v42vhhb-afp-police-commissioner-is-seriously-mentally-ill-and-

4b – Nick McKenzie exposes shocking alleged police brutality


4c – Well informed USA Constitutionalist v Uniformed Cops


5a – 81 councils have cancelled the traditional Australia Day



Go check and ask them on site why are so many regional Councils, Police Stations and Courthouses not flying the flag for several weeks ? … Simple – they are illegal, unlawful and operating under treason and they know it – c’mon Gitmo

5b – Latest from Wyatt


6a – TGA says you can receive a cv-19 jab while under sedation


6b – Human clones living amongst us ?

6c – Aliens or fallen angels pretending to be human ?

See heaps more on https://www.gensix.com/

7 – RV as of today

8 – Keep this going, we all need to build one or two each.

Enzo says – I know it works, first hand



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