2024/01/02nd – Criminals in Qld Councils

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1a – Watch the water – Criminal Qld Councillors caught pumping Sewage into drinking water

Flooding, Drinking water and sewage inundation. Amongst other things, WEF/UN aligned Gold Coast City Council Corporation to this latest threat.

Their criminal actions have been exposed since 2019 leading up to the Covid Hoax. I anticipated a few days ago as we were all working our way through the man-made ‘Tornado’ in SE Qld that the next major threats over the coming months will be from ‘Water’. Not just flood water which has already started but also drinking water and sewage. 

The most deadly weapon these corporate councils control is SEWAGE and I suspect that they have been practicing the deployment of sewage contamination through homes since early 2020. The links below demonstrate the seriousness of a sewage ‘attack’ which happened on the Gold Coast in early 2020. Council were finally forced to admit that it was due to the failure of 91 sewage pump stations. BUT, given what we all now know, was it pump ‘failure’ or was it pump ‘reversal’ as they practiced and prepared to initiate a future event?

My suspicions were confirmed a few days ago when I received a phone call from a highly respected member of our channel and former Army trained Engineer who stated that Councils have the capability of reversing sewage pumps to ensure that raw sewage is pumped directly back into homes where it enters through toilets and [where they have been illegally connected to sewage outlets] showers and sinks!! (Extract from Flood Restoration Australia)

Category 3 – Black Water

Black water is harmful to all living organisms and could cause death or serious illness if consumed. The water doesn’t have to look “black” – it can be clear and/or odourless, but it can still be very dangerous. It can contain bacteria, pathogenic waste, prescription drug waste, urine, faeces, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals or micro-organisms, and it should be cleaned up immediately by a professional.

Examples of black water include: – Toilet water back flow beyond the toilet trap; – Sewer water, or sewage backup– Ground water, surface water or sea water; – Rising water from dams, rivers or streams. Flood Restoration Australia also stated that any home that has been contaminated by Black Water MUST BE CONDEMNED, DEMOLISHED, THE SLAB REMOVED AND THE FIRST 18 INCHES OF SOIL REMOVED AND DISPOSED OF AT A TOXIC WASTE DUMP. They stated that any attempt to simply replace the walls and linings will result in the growth of toxic mould which will continue to kill home occupants for years. IF, God forbid, your home is attacked in this way, I URGE YOU NOT TO ACCEPT ANY OFFER by Council to replace wall linings [with no liability], BUT INSIST that your insurer complete a TOTAL KNOCKDOWN AND REBUILD (as above). These people are psychopaths and compulsive liars and will say and do whatever it takes to hide their crimes as proven in the links below


Sewage Contamination – Council Denies – 7 NEWS Reports Truth

Gold Coast Sewage Catastrophe – 35 Homes Condemned


The Continuing Human Cost of Council Negligence


Human Suffering Increases as Residents Report More Streets Contaminated


The Human Cost of Council Negligence. Resident Statements Heartbreaking


 Councillors Desperate, Orchestrated Denials


The Gold Coast An Open Sewer. See 10 Year Recreational Water Analysis


Raw Sewage Contamination. Gold Coast Council’s Desperate Denials.


Cr. Cameron Caldwell Humiliates Victims of Contaminated Homes With Mail Drop


‘Treated’ Sewage is NOT The Same as ‘CLEAN’ Water – Ecologists


Gold Coast City Council Exposed To Class Action


Folks, DON’T PANIC, just please be aware, be informed, WATCH events closely and be mentally prepared should your home be attacked in this way. Praying for us all… 

1b – Safety Alert for people of Qld, NSW and parts of Victoria

Heavy Rains and flooding have compromised Water Pumps and Treatment plants… I strongly suggest all residents of these Australian States buy bottled water and use it for drinking, cooking and when you brush your teeth. If you have open wounds or wounds that are healing please ensure you have a waterproof dressing over the wound/s. Have alcohol to clean open wounds and add 2-3 drops of Clorox® Bleach to water if you find some water has been compromised.. keep Hydrogen Peroxide around as well.

1c – Councils have NO lawful existence…. period

1d – And more – Coffs Harbour Council becoming a SMART city.

2 – The liars of the world beware, the populist is awake now

3a – On the 14th June 1946 God Said  

3b – Trump kicked Jeffrey Epstein out of Mar-a-Lago and helped the Lawyer of Epstein’s victims

First published at 23:23 UTC on January 1st, 2024.


4 – Benjamin Fulford Situation Update Jan 1, 2024  + Q&A

5a – Pepsi and Coke – good cheap pesticides 

5b – 12 Foods to stockpile that never expire


6a – Aluminium in rainwater going thru the roof

And you wonder why your gardens are not flourishing


6b – Another Bioweapon ~ Patent for Chemtrailed Morgellon’s Disease. This is What True Evil Looks Like


7 – Formation of the coming 7 Kingdoms – 5 May 2023 update

These are not dogmatic prophesies – just interesting opinions. Some of these have happened and/or are happening. Believe or research yourself.

The China Communist Party (CCP) is said to collapse and the China country could break into 7 countries or better areas. 

Posted on 17 February 2023, hinted through Pres. Xi, the good BRICS and Trump Alliance player, that China is a Republican Party and not the CCP anymore: “I’m confident that the decisions and plans approved by the 20th Party Congress, as well as the results of all this, will demonstrate a guiding and enforcer role in progressing towards building a modernized Socialist State and pursuing China’s Great Rejuvenation,” XI Told Reporters. Xi continued to say, “The Congress Presidium expresses its sincere thanks to all of them, raising flags for a better life for the people of this country.”

“China will disintegrate.” JFK Jr. 20 March 2021.

“Chinese Communist Party will be dissolved.” JFK Jr. 6 April 2021. 

China’s CCP will disintegrate and will become a Republic as well as the surrounding countries, to form one of the 7 Kingdoms for the eastern ethnic people. (Note, China and the Chinese people are not bad, the CCP is.) 

India also wants to quit the Commonwealth and possible form a Kingdom with the surrounding Indian ethnic countries. 

USA, Canada (also see MNAs vote to abolish oath to King Charles), Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands will have certain deals in place, being a Kingdom by themselves. These countries hinted they want to break away from the Commonwealth. In fact, Australia already belongs to the Republic of America through the LIMA Agreement signed in 1975 by Gough Whitlam. 

So, Kingdoms had what? Yes, Kings. 45, meaning Pres. Trump, was the last president. Biden is fake president played by an actor controlled by the Military White Hats. 

So, Kingdoms paid how? In Gold, silver, or copper. In our modern-day it is Comex 589.  Thus, gold will be globally accepted across the 7 Kingdoms

Many African countries now also want to break away from the Commonwealth, and pressure is mounting in South Africa to leave the Monarchy as well. Africa will also form another Kingdom with African ethnic people.  The Caribbean countries also want to leave the Commonwealth. 

Here is a very interesting 7 Kingdom theory by Whiplash:

“It’s about the flip, UK, Israel, and the CCP. They teamed up to commit espionage against the USA. The Commonwealth will be dissolved, then 7 Kingdoms will come!  As shown so far with Russia taking back Soviet States, some that are NATO [Ukraine, etc].  UK is NATO, and they will hate it. All this will link to the Queen’s death. To become King [Trump], you disband the Queen [her Commonwealth territory which Charles trying to hold onto]. 

Turkey will take Turan [Turan is a historical region in Central Asia. Turan encompasses regions including modern Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and northern parts of Afghanistan. This area roughly corresponds to what is called Central Asia today], USA will take Canada, Australia, NZ and the Pacific Islands.”

Meaning there will be 7 geographical areas with 7 kings (leaders) managing these areas. (This has nothing to do with the unholy 10 kings of the book of Revelation.) Now who was/is branded as the Mega King the last couple of years? Will he manage the 7 kings? 

You decide if it resonates with you…

A Multipolar World definitely is in the process to emerge…

End of Post

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