2024/01/05th  – The rats are scattering

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1a – Abo land claims despite the NO vote

1b – The Queen’s funeral – The spell is broken

The flag on Parliament House in Canberra is atop the roof. The flag not planted in the ground means the Govt is not there for the people of Australia?

Reports coming in from all over about Govt buildings with no flags

2a – Is Epstein alive – who knows what to believe ?


2b – Elon musk cried when he read the affidavits


3a – Australia – the 28 pedo politicians list


3b – The rats are scattering as the light is shining ever so bright on them.

Leon Black packs his bag and leaves New York. Bill and Hillary Clinton are not in the country. George Soros was last spotted in a yacht outside the USA. Mark Zuckerberg sold some Meta stock and is also building a $500 million dollar underground bunker. Jimmy Kimmel is in full panic and meltdown mode. While Donald Trump has been exonerated and has been right about everything in regards to Epstein island

3c – The NEIO + WEF + Trilateral Commission + Globullist Cabal Agencies

The evilness of Julie Bishop (@24mins)


4a – This is why they fear Trump  

4b – The Global US Military OPERATION STORM 2023/24 In Force Worldwide Since 2020


4c – 2024 – All Fake Democracies, Politicians, Parties and Systems Will Be Replaced by US Military Rule and Justice.


5a – Synthetic Vitamin Industry psyop


5b – Your Microwave Oven is lethal

Did you know that In Russia, microwave ovens were banned in 1976 because of their negative health consequences as many studies were conducted on their use. Shockingly The ban was then lifted after Perestroika in the early 90’s.

6a – White Rabbit – Geoengineering 

6b – The White Rabbit – Licence to Kill


6c – 5G Death Towers Exposed

These 5G towers exist ONLY because sheeple and idiots demand them for their smartass devices, and are as of now, willing and knowing contributors to all deaths and all other effects originating from them. I recently attended an anti-5G tower rally – hundreds of idiots all holding up their smartass idols of worship, ringing people, taking pics yet they are really demanding the 5G power to feed them for faster dnl. See the following videos and write ups below the pics.


Tree & Brain Damage Caused by Radiofrequency Radiation: 5G     

5G — Evidence of tree damage and death — What about your children’s brain, neurological system and vital organs — your life is worthless collateral damage of modern society.

If 5G can kill trees, it can kill humans and do irreparable damage.

Mareeba residents suffering nose bleeds and headaches blame 5G network 

Test run for Telstra 5G believed to have caused severe nose bleeds and other illnesses

Residents of the rural town Mareeba, west of Cairns, have complained to Telstra they suffered extreme nose bleeds, headaches and other physical injuries allegedly when Telstra conducted a trial run of its 5G tower in the centre of the CBD.

Firefighters in California counties from San Francisco to Sacramento to Los Angeles, in 2018, reported severe neurological damage, headaches, insomnia, memory problems and confusion after 5G towers were installed outside their stations. When tested, they were found to have brain abnormalities and measurable neurological deficits and firefighters have now filed to be exempt from the California law that would enforce the installment of 5G towers near their places of work.


7a – Some USA States are banning Chem-trails


7b – HAARP – Great post on Facebook


8a – The Incredible Mortgage Scam


8b – Bruce’s call 4th Jan

9a – Born into sin – what does that mean ?

9b – Warning Time is Over, people

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