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Hey Queenslanders, did you notice how the Police never put out their customary warning for the Christmas Break about how they would all be on the Roads doing a Blitz on DUI’s and Speeding ….. Flags Missing from Police Stations related ??

1 – Trump Exonerated On All Charges

Bear with his adverts etc There is much good info throughout 21 mins or else start at 10.44mins


2a – Truth Pups News

U S. Official website confirms Trump to initiate Military occupation and Military on the U.S. streets. (11.3 laws of War protocols connected to insurrection act laws) It’s all leading to the ARREST WARS WIRES>]: TRUMP to put the MEXICAN Cartels on the U.S. Terrorist list and plans to activate open military operations to stop the Mexican corruption and CIA operations in Mexico connected to human trafficking, NGOs, weapons trade and smuggle of drugs into the U S. from Mexican ports ( the drugs are coming in from Asia and cartels and Mexican government are allowing and assisting the operations) Epstein saga Erupting And much more PLAY ↓ ↓

2b – The forced release of EPSTEIN LIST is much more than a list.

IT’S A DATA DUMP with thousands of pages that will be released. MSM is reporting 800 pages, conservative news is reporting over 1500 pages and alternative media is reporting over 3000 pages of data and information from the court report, logs, police reports and witnesses full testimony……> And MORE IS COMING BEHIND THE SCENES>]; White Hats are painting a picture for the American people and world that the [ EPSTEIN] CORRUPTION is connected to a world pedophile, human trafficking extortion ring and even greater is the connection that WILL lead to world money laundering system through [ EPSTEIN] Israel, cia.mi6 , EU & U.S. military intelligence agencies.

This is just the beginning of the 🔥 and is opening the doors to the CIA Pentagon Corruption system. > This was always the *PLAN … And the growing EPSTEIN SAGA WILL GROW INTO MAJOR WHISTLEBLOWERS COMING FORWARD AND LEAKS OF VIDEOS AND AUDIO FROM DIFFERENT SOURCES >>> INCLUDING EPSTEIN HIMSELF TALKING<<<

RIGHT NOW… White Hats operations have given the green light to Hollywood White Hats to go after OPRAH WINFREY>≥> her connection to the CIA, Harvey Weinstein Epstein] financial ring and the Clintons human trafficking ring will be EXPOSED in the next months…  Right now in Hollywood and on the Internet celebrities are attacking Oprah and exposing her control over the black actors and black entertainment community. (Oprah was PLANTED by the CIA and Hollywood elites to take control of the black communities and unite them under the DNC and liberal agendas ) .. In the next coming Months White Hats are going to connect JP MORGAN. Goldman Sachs Wells Fargo Blackstone BLACKROCK to A FULL CORRUPTION SCANDLR that is connected the Pentagon the CIA ( Rockerfellers+ ELITES)

Join @WhiteHatsQ

3a – Americas: 257 suspected migrant smugglers and human traffickers arrested


3b – What happened to leaders who wouldn’t allow their people to be vaxxed

4a – Coles promoting LGBTQ inclusion but sacked employees for being unvaxxed

4b – ABC New Years presentation – aren’t you proud to be Australian ?


5a – Frazer Island Dingoes – If they were feral pigs, they would be culled.

“Alert as dingo attacks soar”, SM 7/1: Thirty dingo attacks on people in 2023 — Too many reports of people and children being attacked by these feral animals, they are not native animals and should be culled on Fraser Island to prevent any more vicious unprovoked attacks on children whose safety is of far more importance than a potentially dangerous feral animal, or there should be a total boycott Australia wide on going to Fraser Island. These are NOT native animals — all native animals are either Marsupial or Monotremes, they are introduced feral animals no different to other nuisance feral pests.  These feral animals were brought there by the Indian ab-originals about 4300 years ago, they never took them to Tasmania to kill the Thylacine and Devils. Who will carry the legal responsibility for negligence and death compensation after a child gets killed?

What’s the solution – The dingoes are starving – put back the local Brumbies (wild horses) and let nature prevail – the dingoes will eat the old and the sick

5b – What do they know – 6.52 mins > 8.42.


6a – Electric trucks .. Cairns News Newsletter N0 6 – Australia will always run on diesel

It is hard to imagine the Australian transport industry could be sucked in by Labor’s Net Zero myth but there are always a few gullible truck operators who fall into their trap. The transport industry like most other Australian industry representative bodies has been sold out by the National Road Transport Association which simply rolled over to accept Labor’s Net Zero delusion that CO2 is somehow harming the planet when in fact the agricultural industry will say the opposite. Whilst we have the hand grenades of electric cars on the road we now we have TNT capable lithium powered trucks which will blow up more than the garage. There have been countless incidents of cars catching fire or exploding when charging their lithium batteries but look out if a huge truck battery decides to explode. It could take out half a block.

And it doesn’t have to happen while charging. What effect will these $120,000, 2m x 1.2 m lithium batteries have if they explode in a road accident? Diesel fuel tanks will be tame by comparison These batteries have to be recharged by coal-fired power so what is the point of paying $120,000 for batteries and $85,000 to have them fitted? Only to have an unreliable truck which cannot deviate one kilometre from its chartered course because there are only a handful of stations which can swap batteries and to clock extra mileage will see the truck run flat. We have been unable to find any commercial EV truck recharging stations in Australia The geographical makeup of Australia will never be suitable for electric trucks or cars. The vagaries of distance and terrain will always dictate diesel for transporting heavy loads. Diesel at $2 a litre still seems appealing and certainly has the greatest efficacy in comparison


6b – The story behind Wind Farms

Friday, 5 January 2024 – I used to do a lot of research on wind farms because one was built close to my house in upper state Maine. Robert Rubin went to Ca. with others (forgot the names) to request permission for wind farms to be built there. The governor’s last name was Grey. He refused. Arnold Schwarzenegger replaced him…..then there was a huge proliferation of wind farms in Ca. When ours was built close to my house , 2008,…..we had an outbreak of cancers in my SMALL community….several. remember several BRAIN TUMORS.

Trump has said that (windfarms) give you cancer. They were supposed to have a life span of app. 20 years …..now the life span is much much shorter. Also remember from research back then that the cost of disposing ONE of the turbines was app. one million dollars! When I passed the turbines , close to a few , they were ALWAYS turning at the same speed. That meant they were USING power not manufacturing it. There was a US rep. who was spilling the beans on them , at that time. He said, put your hand out the window when you are driving at 20 MPH. That is how fast the wind has to blow to emit power. The energy could not be stored. SUCH a huge boondoggle made possible by US citizen’s ignorance. There were 55 turbines in our neighbouring wind farm.


A $million each to dispose of each turbine for something that causes a high increase in cancer/ does not produce any energy/ are an eyesore…Maine’s main source of revenue was tourism. This was a direct assault on Americans under the guise of saving the environment. Donald J. Trump told the truth

7 – Look what human effort can produce..  without Govt interference

8 – It’s happening – Q The Storm Rider, Official Page

I called and left a message for a WF Wealth Manager.  All I said was my name, number, and I am calling about the dinar. He immediately called me back, apologised for missing my call and we spoke for about 30 minutes. This wealth manager is downtown Orlando and he said the Redemption Exchange Centre division of Wells Fargo will take care of me first and then I should call him back, after I am funded with my us Dollars and have my return on my holdings.  He said the Redemption Exchange Centre’s staff are very, “Hush Hush”. That’s my anecdotal bank story.  It’s real.


When you switch to the Quantum Financial System, you have complete control over YOUR finances. You no longer have to go through the burden of going to the bank, creating deposit slips, withdrawing money, charging financing fees and setting restrictions. You have full access, without intermediaries that prevent the transfer of a fixed amount, to receive updated transactions, without delays in the system because the transaction was on Sunday, but only appears on Tuesday. Everything is automated, your bank account was digital. Why should you wait for a transaction? Why? Because THEY postponed clearing your money in the system program, just as everything contains a program and we have already erased all administrative data (tape).

Using blockchain technology backed by gold and silver (not the same cryptocurrency they promote), your phone can be used with NFC (near field communication) to process a payment at a merchant. With different options, digital and analog (cards), the way to access YOUR money is up to the end user. Where. Let’s go. A. Come on. All.

The Saint Germain Trust kicked of on Christmas day. after New Year they were able to move forward with events tied to the prosperity programs. They did announce the USN publicly to select channels on Starlink.They did not want people to see it because they are not ready to educate people. It was announced through back channels. That announcement made it legal. And then they coud go forward. Now they are ready to go forward with a totally public announcement. One of delays we had recently was that NATO tried to take over the RV. The World Court is an arbitrary between the countries an they are doing a lot of legal work to make sure everything is in line with common law.

So that’s a big deal that people just don’t understand. Chance: We are only going to get one shot at this. All T’s crossed and I’s dotted. He will be smiling ear to ear when he finds out that all these BAR attorneys are dealt with. They are using the Admiralty court and it’s criminals as a weapon. Teresa: Really big meeting this week to go forward. Nothing left to do— Just refining that common law part. They, bankers and all, feel it (RV) is within a week of time now. It’s about to happen. Teresa: They did cut all the power in NYC – 62k without power.

9 – 1000 years added ??

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