2024/01/08th  – What’s in store for 24 ?

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Since Donald Trump became President of the USA, more than 5 Million children and women have been rescued from sex trafficking and slavery by The Military, only in the US. Happy to report that all of the biggest players of the Illuminati Cabal have been arrested & prosecuted and most of them executed for their heinous crimes against humanity – saving the children of the world would not have been possible without someone as strong and incorruptible as President Trump and the 800-strong military leaders in command of the brave US military, who have witnessed pure evil during their rescue missions – they say some 10,000 times worse than war atrocities. Do you know how many celebrities, businessmen and politicians have blood-sacrificed either their children or close family members for the Cabal? Look it up, it’s all of them.  Some Cabal players have been left on purpose to be arrested and tried publicly when the evidence of their evil is revealed.

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1a – Joe Biden died says his grand daughter

1b – Biden just released his first ad of 2024. The main threat to this country is ….. You.

1c – Putin and Xi react to Biden’s first advert

1d – Meanwhile in China

2a – I am John Kennedy Jnr – Onassis family – is this true ?

2b – Sovereign citizen – excellent response when pulled over by police

2c – Oprah has disabled comments on Instagram

3a – Labor’s Lima Agreement betrayed Australia



3b – Brisbane nurse sacked 2 years later

4 – Compilation – Pope, 9/11. Masks, Light Bulbs, + why you MUST eat lemons

5 – Robert F Kennedy talking sense

6 – Climate cult fruitcakes on Sky News discuss “solutions”

to a non-existent problem—namely the “climate crisis”—suggesting face masks for cows, and “sprinkling rock dust on agricultural land, to capture the carbon that emerges from it”.

Why is this not taught in Churches ?

Because …

7 – Iraqi Dinar – Banks Screen Showing Everything 8 Jan 2024

Song for Max, Bruce, Shiraz and Wolverine ??


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