2024/01/11th  – At the crossroads

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1a – The Global US Military Operation Storm 2023/24 in force Worldwide since 2020

This message may be the most vital you have ever read. This advises all those who were complicit in the vaccinating of the world populace just what you can expect in the near future. There is nowhere for you to hide no matter how far you run. You will be caught and served with the justice the world deserves. You cannot say you were never told when you are caught, nor that you did not know, no matter how much you protest.  And certainly not forgotten the then Chief Health Officer for Queensland who was rewarded, with the position of Governor of the Queensland Corporation, for maiming and murdering Queenslanders

All I say is I hope God has mercy on you all, because I never will, because the whole “covid” show was from the beginning, to borrow from Justice Peter Mahon, the New Zealand High Court Justice who ran the enquiry into the Mt. Erebus Air New Zealand DC10 accident, “an orchestrated litany of lies” as anybody with a modicum of deductive reasoning and a smattering of critical thinking could see from the very start of this historically remembered murderous action. Justice Peter Mahon is a hero of mine because he sorted the truth from the lies without favour.

The Current Wartime President Trump is our Retribution for High Treason and Democide by corrupt rogue government element, WHO – This is the total Obliteration of the globalist Deep State. Leonard


1b – Trump @ Clinton township Michigan  

2a – What is holding up the financial collapse

2b – JP Morgan files for Bankruptcy on Jan 23rd


3 – Truckers have joined German Farmers

Oh crap…literally from German FarmersReward politicians BS with real BS

4 – Military Tribunal List of Convicted Celebrities Reveals Deep State Crisis Actor Doubles – Undisclosed Locations: GITMO, Guam, and Tierra Del Fuego

See the pics and text but forget the videos – long winded marketing


5a – Fauci – what is he really saying ?

5b – Dead and buried soldiers emitting blue tooth signals

5c – Actor Mark Ruffalois apologising after sharing images of Donald Trump supposedly on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane

6a – Richard Branson has been named in the Jeffrey Epstein files that released today.

The victim claims Jeffrey Epstein has tapes of Branson having intercourse with other victims

6b – Hunter Biden runs out of Court

6c – DAVOS annual meeting 2024 – programming

When the weather modification is stopped and the evil ones are executed, the farmers and industry can reproduce all we need in a few months

6d – Taylor Swift is a Pentagon/NATO Psyop


– why so many people continue to support the evil satanic religion –

7a – DNA Tests Confirm Ashkenazi’s and Kazarians fakes

They have no blood nor religious ties to the holy land.  Anyone who supports them is blatantly disregarding the warnings of Jesus in the Bible. DNA studies performed by a Jewish geneticist have proven this – and he has stated that others that studied this subject have committed blatant academic fraud.

Revelation 2:9  I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.


7b – Jews tunnels under a girls bathroom, blood, toddlers, Epstein’s house, the Synagogue of Satan

8a – Before 1920

8b – The Bemuda Triangle – NASA Rockets graveyard

9 – Journey to the Firmament In Honour of our Father Firmament Video is back and better

10 – For Motor Bike Freaks + Jed Ryan

11 – Max Igan – Werewolf podcast (1) – great lateral thinking


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