2024/01/13th  – Australians – Never forget this…

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1 – What does this remind you of ? 

The Uluru Statement and Grandma Lore explained in 70 seconds      

2 – Are Qld Police protecting another pedo ??

3a – WW3 has begun – Learn how to stop it


3b – Planned Crisis – Google is Preparing

3c – Trump Given the “Alex Jones Treatment” In Court Battle With Rape Accuser


3d – Trump – Shock Courtroom move – NY kangaroo court


4a – Most mask wearers will be dead or demented in 10 years

Dr. Vernon Coleman     vernoncoleman.org   (2 years ago) but be ready for another “emergency” and mask mandates


4b – Australia – Never forget  + and never comply

4c – Woolworths will not sell Australia Day merchandise


4d – Banks Run Out of Money, Demanding Salaries Back From Employees


5a – Former Vice President of Pfizer Mike Yeadon


5b – Fauci – I do not recall


6a – Jeff Rense: New York tunnel Rabbis

6b – Moderna – Injuries are not our problem

6c – Frequency shatters cancer   

7a – Planned Parenthood Marketing Team Rebrands Baby Murder As ‘Women’s Healthcare’


and … amazing how much touchy stuff is still allowed on Youtube ??


7b – Compilation – Unborn Babies + Cancer Cure + Unvaxxed % + Pelosi + 1918 Flu  

8 – New Hampshire Bill To Ban Climate Engineering


9a – Biden shocked as all car makers demand to ditch EVs


9b – Toyota’s new water engine will destroy the entire EV industry

Toyota is facing a huge EV Crisis, and the CEO had no choice but to shut down Toyota’s EV production plans, Overpriced EVs are being rejected by the common man, leading to the EV market crash that just recently began! But Toyota CEO Koji Sato has a new plan, which no one knew about


9c – Lithium battery fires 

9d – Trump Warning to shut down all EV production

The majority of Americans are saying – I’m not a supporter of Donald Trump. I’m a defender of Donald Trump.


10 – There is no Energy Crisis – Mercury

11 – Doctor Claims Elvis Is Alive


12 – Psalm 46 – God is Our Refuge and Strength

Composed by King David   Selah = key change up 1 tone 

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