2024/01/14th  – EVs done for – good riddance

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Just a few items tonight – there are many items on the net about the demise of electric vehicles – here are just a few

1 – Hertz dumps 20,000 EVs to buy gas cars


2a – EV’s are exploding in shocking numbers


2b – No One is Talking About Electric Car Deaths


3 – EV Owners have had enough –


4 – Toyota CEO just shut down it’s EV dealers


We should also disband NATO. We should withdraw from the UN. We should terminate all involvement in the WEF. We should leave the World Bank to rot. We reject globalism on every level because we seek to bring political power closer to the individual. No exceptions.

5 – Go to 1 hr 11ms – what have they done?


6a – Traitors and Fools – Australia Day Ban

Wayne tells us about the criminals who call themselves government in our country. He also touches on the true history of our continent and the divide and conquer tactics used to make Australians fight each other instead of the real enemy – the foreign Corporations known as State and Federal Governments traitors.

6b – German MP Christine Anderson backs up Wayne + Riccardo

6c – Riccardo Bosi Names Names – The Pissants of Australia 


7 – The ab-original industry – exposed


8a Wyatt update – better listen

8b – A peek inside Cheyenne Mountain bunker

Trump is protected there when needed

9 – True and false Freemasonry, “Do Nothing In Secret”


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