2024/01/15th  – Another day of watch and wait ?

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1 – Is this a comm from Trump ?

2a – Right on target Russia destroyed NATO underground in Kyiv and 2 Ukrainian factories


2b – Six arrested – plot to disrupt London Stock Exchange – golly, what a shame

2c – Oprah facing life behind bars – Child sex


3a – Nikki Haley is finished if voters see this 

3b – Hunter Biden running out of court


4 – What have they done to us – Greg Reese

but there is a solution


5 – Pressure for ACCC inquiry – hacking Govt data

Optus CEO into resignation, now the tables have turned with sensitive security and health info being hacked inside 26 govt offices.

6 – Surviving a month with no electricity

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7 – Creator or evolution ?? is this true ?



8 – How the Catholic church pays out pedo victims

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