2024/01/17th  –  The value in old Bibles  

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1 – The value in old Bibles


2 – A wonderful guard dog

3a – Evs cost more to run

3b – Stanley Meyer’s water powered car

In 1976 during the oil crisis Stanley Meyer created a car that runs on water based on the principle of splitting water atoms into its elemental form, burning hydrogen to create energy and releasing oxygen generating no emissions. Meyer claimed his vehicle was able to travel 112 miles with just 4 litres of water and nothing else. This car could easily go 1000+ miles per tank on something that costs hardly anything which must have sounded truly magical and that’s exactly when his troubles started. Stanley had previously stated that he had been threatened many times by representatives from oil companies from around the world and then he mysteriously died..

4 – It is hard to see the forest through the trees.

5 – Mongrel scientists are at it continually 



6 – “Global US Military Operation #STORM reality in 2024”


7 – Russia told us who The ASIO agents are in the Australian Media 

8 – Albanese ‘nervous’ of Australia Day date change referendum after Voice failure


8 – Bruce Call 16th more hopium or finally ??

9a – The Firmament – Waters Above ?

For those who think the Bible was written by ignorant ancients, how could those men possibly know these things without Divine revelation to them ?


9b – Polaris

Exactly a Enoch describes it – a living being – not a lump of burning rock

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