2024/01/18th  –  Nesara Gesara 2024  

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Since announcing their ban on selling Australia Day merchandise, Woolworths shares have crashed 4.47% – that‘s around $2 billion wiped of the value of the Woolworths shares. Tell me again how this was a “commercial decision”  And anyone want to bet that the ABC won‘t report this?

1a – Nesara Gesara 2024  

1b – Message to all Judges, Police, Doctors etc   

1c – All News is Scripted : FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC


1d – Trump on Central Bank Digital Currency

2a – Why they don’t allow metal in or near a MRI machine

2b – The thud heard all across the World  

2c – Satellites Falling to Earth .. more thuds


2d – William Cooper, Truly Ahead Of His Time. Died Dec 2022

3a – Mock child sacrifice by jew rabbis 

3b – Noahide : UFOs or Demons? John Todd

3c – Islamic Army in Australia – scare tactics ?

4a – Who is Vivek Ramaswamy  ?

4b – Exposing corrupt government agents   

4c – Controlling Covid at all costs went too far:  Former deputy health chief


5 – Russian Robot soldiers – shoot and drive a car

6 – Instant Payback    

7a – Self Repossessing Cars  

7b – Tesla Owners Stranded as Arctic Cold Zaps Batteries 


8a – Natural calendar = 13 months and 28 days 

8b – When you read your Bible regularly 

8c – The Firmament + Luminaries – Days 2 – 4

How could man possibly discover or know these things without Divine revelation ? Note – a circle is 2 dimensional and is not a sphere


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