2024/01/19th  –  Aldi also snubs the vast majority of Australians  

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1a – Supermarket giant Aldi joins Woolworths and confirms it won’t be selling any Australia Day merchandise


1b – Walmart closing stores


2a – Trump again describes The Snake

The Snake is the millions of illegals flooding into America

2b – Border showdown – Guess who caved in

2c – Border security solution – send ém back

3a – Brother Nathanael with Alex Jones

3b – Brother Nathanael with Stew Peters

4 – Biden at King Charles coronation

5 – Police bashing – that’s the way they are

6a – Port Kembla chemist discusses murder – Obviously the chemist follows the money ?

6b – Queensland fisherman charged with slavery                                                                                      

Police say his alleged victims were so frightened they swam through croc-infested waters to escape him.                                                         


7a – Amazing smartass technology will really uplift you ??

7b – Bet you can’t wait for this too ?

What you sew you shall reap from your beloved devices

7c – 6G is on the way too

8a – They’re coming for you children – micro-needle patch


8b – A mystery – NZ Aug 2022

9a – Suppressed History continued

9b – A Freemasonry Bible from 1955

9c – Prove the Earth is – or is not moving

10a – RV – Tressy short interesting

10b – Priceless young singer – we need some joy 

Included a series of Bible Study of Genesis – watch and learn from these things that man could not possibly know or discover without Divine revelation

11 – The Second Ring Beyond the ice walls: Map introduction and analysis (1)


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