2024/01/21st  –  The World is waking up to the WEF

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The World is waking up to the WEF – several items –

1a – Democracy v Constitutional Republic

1b – The Original Mark Z

1c – Corporate Intrusion – The US Tactic

This dictatorial corporate attitude continued from the Voice Referendum into our Australia Day celebrations with them refusing to stock Australia Day merchandise. These dictatorial anti-Australian corporations were quite happy to support the Hindu Diwali celebrations, Chinese New Year and Muslim Ramadan — they want to take patronage and profit of Australian customers while being anti-Australian displaying apparent hated for Australian history and our National Day celebrations. Australia will respond with rejection this insult to the people. This apparently came about by the brainwashed people swallowing the aboriginal baloney they were taught at school and fed by the media, being too incompetent or dis-interested in researching true Australian history. How many of these corporations have white aboriginal advisers misleading them, how many have aboriginal recognition and acknowledgment courses or similar that staff are required to attend to brainwash them?

Australia totally rejected the arrogant corporate intrusion into our politics trying to influence and dominate our personal opinions in voting on the Voice Referendum — they voted ‘NO’ in every state, weren’t corporations smart enough to learn from that ignorance that they will vote ‘NO’ again, against your rejection of Australia Day — and shop elsewhere.

2a – Federal Judge Orders CDC To Release Data On 7.8 Million Covid Vaccine Adverse Events.

Information must be published within a year on a rolling basis, with the first batch due out by Feb. 15. Australia, you can guarantee that NO politician has told YOU this (via a statement to the media or in Parliament),



2b – Heritage Foundation President Tells WEF…“We’re Coming After The Elites” 

During a recent speech at the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, The Herigate  Foundation President Dr. Kevin Roberts scolded the unelected body for attempting to usurp the sovereignty of nations across the Earth

3a – German MEP, Christine Anderson

Become So Absolutely Free That Your Very Existence Is An Act Of Rebellion (Compilation) The so-called “pandemic” was a beta test—conducted by unelected globalists—to see how easy it would be to seize totalitarian control, under the pretext of a global “emergency”.


3b – Global US Military Operation Storm Reality In 2024

This speech just broke the internet. An absolutely magnificent speech to the WEF at Davos by an Argentinian giving a full blast to KLAUS SCHWAB and all his scummy criminal cohorts who want to rule the world. Sorry KLAUS baby but you ain’t gunna cut it. We hope to see you swing from a length of good stout hemp rope.


3c – Trump panic at the WEF   

Alex Soros: “One man, Donald Trump took that all away.” *Hangs head in shame*

Yuval Harari: “If Donald Trump is elected again, it is likely to be the death blow to what remains of the global order.”

Maher: “I was afraid for my own well-being. I thought I could end up in Guantanamo Bay, I think I still could.”

MSNBC: “A lot of us joke darkly that in a second term, a lot of us will end up in orange jumpsuits in Guantanamo Bay.”

Comey: “Think about what four years of a retribution Presidency might look like.”

*Gitmo currently being expanded as we speak*

Is this all just shock and awe rhetoric or are these people really this afraid?


4a – Mind Blowing Project Bluebeam Hologram

4b – Security guards rushed Anthony Albanese…

away from an angry crowd suffering cost of living crisis. One protester attempted to hit Albanese with his placard.

4c – The Assassination of Barbara O’Neil. 

According to the Australian Government Barbara O’Neil is so dangerous that if she returns to Australia and performs her stage shows here they will throw her in jail despite being a rock star in nearly every other country around the world. And what is her message? Old fashioned Natural Remedies.…. Starts at 31:39 mins.


5a – Part of a brochure seeking people to join the Queensland Police Force.

5b – Western Australia – Australian Fabians


5c – Robbers in 2030

6a – Prof Ian Pilmer – Climate change hoax

6b – The White Rabbit – Australian

22 min in … Murdoch funds HAARP in Australia… floods + chemtrails… australianrain.com.au


6c – Cancer is not a genetic disease


7a – Masks Can Come In Handy

7b – The Pit Bull Dog

7c – The Mouse Trap

8 – The Second ring Beyond the Ice Walls Part 2

New Cahokia, Psychonautics, Giant Duendes & the Lost City – Mankind could not possibly discover or know these things without Divine Revelation


For a full map of the realm as revealed by the Creator – see vids 4a and 4b on https://www.larryhannigan.com.au/forgotten-history/27-lost-history-of-architecture-on-earth-erits-real-flat-earth-map-moon/

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