2024/01/22nd  –  Mass arrests have begun

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Still no flags flying at Murgon Council… same at Port Kembla Police Stn, no flag no police cars seen there on Sunday

1a – Why it’s so hard to wake up your brainwashed friends

1b – JP Morgan’s CEO, praises Trump’s policies and defends the MAGA movement.

2a – The Simpsons have done it again

2b – WEF Elites Discuss Ways to ‘Trump-Proof’ Economies ‘He’s a Serious Political Force’


2c – Mass arrest of corrupt Jews and DemocRATS

2d – JAG Claims 97 MSM Arrests In Dec 2023 + Jan 2024 for Treason


3a – Agents of the Pentagon and the Italian Army Arrest Dozens of Cardinals in the Vatican to Take Them to GITMO – Pedo-Hunter Biden Video With Very Underage Girls

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3b – It’s happening. Arrests. Turmoil.  They will never be able to walk the streets

3c – An Extremely Powerful Magnetic Storm Will Cover The Earth On January 22 And 23 Meanwhile, keep updated Subscribe to @WW3INFO

3d – Follow the Qld Cyclones


4 – “Zelenskyy Sold Ukraine To US Corporate? Kennedy’s Nephew Adds To Russia Explosive Claim


5a – The remainder of the Georgia Guidestones is now demolished

The best is yet to come. Don’t let the doomers convince you otherwise. Do you realize we’re living in an unprecedented turning point in history? We lived in comfortable slavery our entire lives and now all of this is being unveiled for anyone with eyes to see. We have front row seats.  It’s a privilege to be an anon, awake and alive. They said we wouldn’t make it this far and that America would be destined for failure. Yet all I see is a rising up, a Lazarus moment. We thought she was dead, yet she will come back greater than ever before. God has a plan for all of His Israelite people and it’s a good one. Reject the doom. Embrace faith.

5b – House of Orsini are the top of the rocky fellas and rotten childs. They will go down too


6a – NATO announced Thursday that it would begin its largest military exercise- Steadfast. Commences next week through May 

 6b – “Don’t Threaten Us” Russia Warns as NATO Announces Largest Military Exercise Since Cold War


7a – Our children are missing in their tens of thousands. 

7b – Hey, UAP – expose the pedos now


8a – Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) Virtual healthcare service – Telemedicine

This woman lives in Katanning not far from Perth. People must watch this., (South Australia/csro/ect) Optus… WBAN is real… they hijacked us… many are talking about this now even at Davos this week.


8b – Covid Vaxxed Are Testing Positive for HIV, Multiple Studies Warn


9a – How to Detox from Covid Jabs


9b – Simple blend at home to overcome Cancer

How much longer are the pharmaceutical companies going to make money off of our health?




10 – When heroes return home

11 – If Electric Cars did Honest Adverts 

12a – How many animals do we eat each year? 

12b – Israeli company unveils 3D printer that makes fake meat steaks – Who else would do this except jews and scientists ?

12c – This is what happens to the food supply when left to your governments to dictate

13 – Situation updates from Judy Byington. 1hr interesting


14 – Leviathan & Behemoth | DAYS 5 to 7

Without Divine revelation – man could not possibly know these things


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