2024/01/23rd  –  America’s coming Black Swan…. Item 6

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1 – The Incentivized Ma$$ Murder of Children

2 – 19 year old dies immediately following the Flu shot. Brain swelling, coma, death- All within 24 hours- Doctors are “baffled” but they still jab

3 – This is big scale pre-meditated Murder

4 – From Wiki – Moon landing in Nevada desert 

5 – The 13 biggest lies by scientists  

6a – America’s coming Black Swan – Pay attention

Note at 8.56 mins  – Benjamin Fuford is from Canada and lives in Japan, so he is not aware of some things.  U.S. Army Lt. Col. Derrek Johnson told us that the Insurrection Act was signed way back in history, and it did not need to be signed again… it is a standing document.  Trump did not sign the Insurrection Act, because it was already authorized. This is so secret that it is on Wikipedia, so look it up.


6b – Victoria Nuland Plan To Destroy Nuclear Power Plant And Blame Russia

7 – Leviathan and Behemoth: Beasts of the Bible   


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