2024/01/24th  –  Outside the Whitehouse today

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Unconfirmed rumours that many of the old guard members of the CCP are committing suicide ? – they know it’s all over for them now

1a – The Whitehouse today. It’s 3°c and windy

Full cold weather military dress with face warmer masksnot covid nappies

1b – Who won the War of Independence ?  Trump’s visit to the Queen ended all this in June 2019

1c – This is why History matters.  Trump  

2a – Trump receives major endorsement – no one saw coming

Even as the race for the White House continues to escalate, things are always changing. And no one expected this. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced that he would be suspending his 2024 election bid. DeSantis also announced his endorsement of fellow GOP candidate and former president Donald Trump. Trump said he was “very honoured to have his endorsement. I look forward to working together with him to beat Joe Biden, who is the worst and most corrupt president in the history of our country.”  

2b – Is Kari Lake being bribed ? 

2c – Forecast For 2024    Brother Nathanael on 22nd Jan

3 – EBS Ready to Activate Martial Law, Gesara

with 2 interesting videos

4 – Greta’s climate crusade is heading for defeat


5a – The deadliest drug in history 

5b – Horrific Blood Clot Statistics After the Jab



6a – A society defined by “gender fluid” woke idiocy will always fail because its leaders cannot process reality


6b – Toyota CEO warned – shut down EVs 

Any one who buys or lusts after one naturally supports child labour mining Lithium


6c – Massive layouts across America  

6d – Big Govt needs weak men to exist 

7a – When does life begin ?

7b – 60 Minutes Aust: The Pedophile LGBTQIA + Psycopath ‘Dad’ who ‘Carried’ and ‘Birthed’ a Child


8 – New York Robot man v machine 

His profanities removed

9 – Raw video – Drones that will hunt you down + kill you

10 – Barbara Oneill and Dr Tom Cowan 

11a – Australia for sale ? – who is this ?

11b – Warren Mundine on Australia Day debate



12a – Wolverine 24 Jan 2024 – let’s hope he is right this time

For Wolverine 12a and Bruce 12b, I believe the $$ crash must occur first – I could be wrong, But it looks like it has started 13a and 13b

400,000 emails are, if not overnight, starting tomorrow and these are for T4B and primarily Nth America, Canada and Australia NZ and Caribbean Islands from what we can tell these are primarily Zim Holders starting tomorrow  and don’t be surprised if they don’t come out before lunchtime and they want us Zim holders in first because they want the hydration and for us these funds go into our QFS account and then we move a certain amount of funds into our primary account – and we really won’t have much time to do more – so to me between 10 – noon tomorrow – but if 400,000 go out more will go out later in the day and include Thursday – we thought they’d all go at once  – but that’s not quite what is going to happen – – so then at least we’ll be able to call in with the 800 number – are you in the first  – I don’t know – but if you only have currency don’t worry your email will be coming and don’t worry I’ll be putting the 800 on our website and then everyone will get that as soon as we can make that available.  

So that is really interesting so the start at 10am for Bond Sellers and then we are next.   And this is what our Best sources at midnight last night – We know banks and RC had four staff going in today and 6 tomorrow and that’s to take appointments and if we get those numbers we could be doing exchanges tomorrow – I really want all of us to smile from ear to ear and tomorrow is the 24th of January so maybe the Chinese will get their 8 after all and I know everyone is ready for a life changing event to happen this and we are expecting those numbers tomorrow and also for the Admiral in T4A  – so if this happens as I’ve been told – we won’t have a call Thursday – but maybe just a link in an email for a celebration call.   So if we have your email  you are registered and that’s the main way we’ll be in touch with you – we have things to do in those first few week and plans to upgrade our home or car and even a vacation whatever you want to do  – DO IT – and then we’ll be ready to start on all those Projects.   So remember we were looking for people to still want to be involved with some of them.   We’ll have questionnaires you can answer on line for that.  I’m really encouraged by what I’ve heard and want you all to stay focused and look for those emails and this is what I heard today  – so stay in faith for it to manifest.

Thanking everyone of the listeners from all around the world. And of course Sue and Bob and GCK and Pastor Scott and Jeannie and Larry.   And with such great intel of course Bruce will be praying out the call and saying how wonderful it’s been to have everyone’s help over the years.   I know you will ALL pray with Bruce and I know you’ll all keep praying because this is so desperately  needed by the whole of Humanity as you ALL know.   Love to you ALL Gem.

12b – The Big Call With Bruce 23/1/2024

www.bigcalluniverse.com scroll down and sign in

Sounds a bit more promising this week. 400,000 emails ready to go including Australia. ?? 

13a – Globalist Submissions Continue | German Coup Attempt Likely | USA Primaries | WW Banking Collapse

13b – Insider Info – 400,000 Wells Fargo & HSBC Emails Unleash Financial Redemption and Skyrocket Zim Bond Wealth


13c – SG Anon – the status of the covert global military operation now


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