2024/01/26th  – Happy Australia Day

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Turn off your WIFI before it kills you

1a – “Don’t Welcome Me (To My Own Country)” – The Emily James Trio.


1b – ‘Australians are just fed up’: New polling shows support for Australia Day

1c – White Australians Banned From Australia Day Events In Sydney  while Australia hating Abos and Muslims are allowed to protest

2a – The Untold History of Australia’s ‘Welcome to Country’


2b – What a Capital Idea – Australia 1770-1901

The new book What a Capital Idea – Australia 1770-1901 lifts the lid off the Australian story and exposes the myths. It is the most comprehensive and accurate record of Australian history ever published. You can buy it or wait


3 – Clive Palmer 2023 – explains his donation of Ivermectin + Hydroxychloroquine – an informative speech

Ivermectin is bashed by main stream media and genocide doctors. They make false claims like it doesn’t work preventing and overcoming covid and flu symptoms. It has been proven over and over again that it works by peer reviewed medical studies. Why do you think Australia banned Ivermectin just after it has been found effective?

4a – Central Casting   Remember. You are watching a movie.

4b – What make-up can do – related to above ↑ ↑

4c – Kevin Rudd will ‘have to go’ – for sure if Trump is re-elected


5a – All Republican Governors back up Texas

5b – All The States Standing With Texas


5c – Texas ‘Supremely’ Screwed By Jews

6a – Ibogaine – hallucinogenic cure for Drug Addiction – banned in USA


6b – Pfizer Anniversary – why don’t we just mutate it ourselves ?

7a – Down the Rabbi hole


7b – Jews expelled 1030 times – why ?


8a – Rome never fell – see where it is today


8b – International ourt of Justice will deliver…. it’s even on MSM

… interim ruling on South Africa’s case against Israel for Genocide in Gaza tomorrow, Friday 26th of January 2024 at The Hague at 1pm European time & 12pm GMT. ICJ’s integrity is at stake! If the ruling comes back in Israel’s favour and Israel is found not guilty of Genocide in Gaza even though the evidence is absolutely overwhelming, then the court will lose its reputation to be able to deliver justice and the court will lose its importance in the international community. If the Court finds Israel guilty of Genocide as it should, then the supporters of this Genocide can also be implicated! The US UK & other countries in Europe who have supplied weapons, equipment, financial & political support as well as military personnel will also be guilty of aiding a Genocide on the Palestinian population in Gaza. Any international efforts to stop shipments to Israel or indeed sanctions against Israel will be justified.

Any military actions against Israel if it doesn’t comply with immediate effect to the ruling will be seen as an attack on a Genocidal occupying entity in order to stop the Holocaust in Gaza and punish the perpetrators. What the Houthis are doing by stopping Israeli shipments in the Red Sea was of course justified HOWEVER USA & UK bombing Yemen was definitely NOT justified in anyway, Shape or form & the next court case will be against them for this. Stopping Israeli shipments from the other side of Africa and even stripping permission for any use of airspace from neighbouring countries should be applied. All military actions against Israel from international countries will be justified. People standing with the oppressors such as Elon Musk, Ben Shapiro, Piers Morgan, Jordan Peterson & many more will be those who stood with the perpetrators of a holocaust and named & shamed as such. These are just some of the things at the start which can happen before moving on to ways to get the Palestinian people their homes & land back and compensation for their suffering and losses.

9 – The last time NESARA WAS to be announced

by Allan Greenspan was on Sept 11, 2001.   And what happened that morning … The Towers and Bldg 7 disintegrated. The gold earmarked for NESARA disappeared!!!  I hope you understand why the WH has to create confusion and disinformation.  It is NOT because the intel messengers are lying.  WH don’t want another 9-11.  Pls try to understand and have a little consideration and appreciation for what the Truthers are doing.  Thank you.

10 – Poisoning Paradise – Ecocide New Zealand – Festival Version


11a – Earth Curvature – globullists own maths

11b – The heliocentric model

11c – Why do you have 5 fingers?

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