2024/01/28th  – The Texas border hoax

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WW1 and WW2 were started by an relatively isolated incident. We know the Cabal wants wars and especially civil war in America. Listen to item 1 and note in items 2  and 3, was the footage staged in a small area somewhere – we are not told where it was supposed to be happening

1 – Texas Governor Abbott is a WEF member – Lots of unattended border gates left open

2 – Texas illegals blocked – staged in 1 location ?

3 – Why You Hear About What’s Happening At The Texas Border


4a – How we are controlled

I believe this is straight out of the Protocols of Zion - If you do not know this or understand it or believe it, more fool you.
4b - The System Is Broken and all it took was a few actors to play dumb

4c – How movies are used to condition everyone

From Alex Jones perfectly illustrates what you have been saying and many of us know to be true. This video gives an overall view of the situation and their plan and how they cunningly planned and implemented the hand held smartass devices to addict and control us.

4d – Ytube telling kids – it’s ok to pass away

5a – Guy telling people on a train they are vaxxed, using their smartass phones of course

5b – Get Jabbed – get shot

5c – Self assembling microchips in the vaccines watch closely

6a – Former Crime Boss – Could not Buy Trump

6b – It seems Commander Trump has been in charge of the military all along – watch the video


6b – French farmers replacing Govt BS

7a – Child predator busted – a 12 year old

7b – This is not a conspiracy – this is how it is

7c – Hillary Clinton exposed – Crimes against humanity + pedo

8 – The first mobile phone ??

9a – Social Credit? Brisbane’s “Offence Detection System” Tender


10 – Tar And Cement – can you relate ?


11 – Fake Space station – the floppy hatch – joke


12 – There is almost as much oil as there is water

13 – RV Tressy (Theresa) good update 

14 – Giants, Nephilim, Fallen Angels, Hybrids on and in the Earth


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