2024/01/29th  – The Grand Finale

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Every Film has an Ending and this greatest Central Casting Operation ends in a few days/weeks with a beyond Biblical #STORM. This marks the end, soon, of all Democratic Systems, unreliable State Judiciaries, UN; WHO, WEF, Gavi in Switzerland and all of the EU.

As the current Wartime President, Donald J. Trump promised: We give the Power back to you, the People. And this is not just in the United States, but also in Switzerland and the World over. We have locked our Stratagems in December 2023. I locked mine in 🇨🇭 Switzerland and I have concluded all my reporting all rogue elements from the Swiss Government, the WHO, WEF et al, the list long, for committing crimes against humanity and serious corruption. The List is rather long and detailed, all handed over personally to the Secretary of Defence of the United States and the US Airforce and US Space Force JAG Corps on January 27th 2024. The United States are formally performing a global Defence War that has been won. The ongoing US led Military War operation #STORM surfaces soon. Showtime for Humanity. My job to perpetually protect the Swiss Constitution is herewith done. I did it my way and this makes us happy.

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