2024/01/30th  – Never forget the names of these mongrels

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1a – Never forget the names of these mongrels + murderers

1b – Never forget these Health ministers either

1c – Man lost his wife to the booster

1d – Covid vaccine batches were mixed with placebos

“Hot” batches were mostly sent to RED STATES. Red states saw twice the amount of deaths than blue states did.  Pray that the WHO has been stopped as per Item 1 on post 29th Jan – The Grand Finale

2a – Australian Bicentennial 1988 TV Commercial


2b – 2017 Australia Day BBQ


3a – The Secret of the Replicator Is Finally Revealed


3b – Kill Gates 3D Printed Salmon

4a – 5G LED Incapacitator Lights are being installed in the UK – Weapons that can be operated by AI



4b – Reasons for the EV push

4c – 250,000 cellphone workers injured by radiation yearly


5a – The Jew Solution

5b – Elon Musk was forced to bow to the Jews


6a – Biden Carrey – maybe ??

6b – This lady was Werner von Braun’s personal assistant talks about young Trump

6c – Trump Inauguration Speech 2017 (FULL) | ABC News

Then they “SHOWED” us the “rigged“ election with “fake” Biden and the further destruction of the USA.  THE PAUSE / MOVIE 🎥 Whilst allowing the people to see for themselves the evilness and corruption of Washington DC – a separate entity of the USA as was The City of London and The Vatican. It was a corporation since 1871 in which all is now null & void


Now see Item 1 again if you missed it yesterday


7a – The Old World Order

7b – The biggest plane ever

8a – Govt hiding Nephilim in DUMBs

8b – End times plague of demonic entities


9a – The White Rabbit – Australian Councils Scandal


9b – Islamic prayer takes over Labor council


10a – Oxford Mathematician destroys Atheism 15 Minute Brilliance


10b – World without Cancer – 1974

10c – Honey with onions

10d – Toothpaste, eggs and bananas

11 – The Farmers List – is Ready

It’s a growing list of over 100 Aussie Farmers who You can Support Directly.  We are passionate about Farmers, and since this video went viral, we quickly realised how much you all want to be a rebel and support farmers directly. The List includes Farmers local to your area and Australia wide. Our hope is this directory helps you Find a Farmer near you to support directly.

Putting this list together was incredibly inspiring, there are so many amazing Farmers in Australia changing the game, feeding their communities GOOD food, and who care about their soil and the environment they grow in. Let’s reclaim our connection with our farmers and our food.


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