2024/01/31st  – Good news about banking

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This post contains only a few of many fascinating articles received – Here is the pick of what should be of most interest

1a – Good news about banking – not what you think

1b – White Hats Kill Mar-a-Lago Intruder


1c – Trump charged with what and what does it mean ?

Listen closely at 5 mins

1d – The movie is turning in Trump’s favour

2 – Why we have the corrupt media  

3 – Human Meat

4a – The Freeing of the Nations of the World

The Removal of the Criminal Networks,  The Co-ordinated Plan,


4b – The coming free energy – Lieutenant General Steven L Kwast

4c – Russia offers help for Texas to become independent – hmm can Abbott be trusted ? it is said he is pro WEF

5a – QFS and the BRICs Nations

5b – Reminder that QFS GCR is real and on gov website

6 – Florida Surgeon General warns against Vaccines

7a – Europe is erupting as we sleep

7b – London and England is awake

8 – Man arrested for wearing Australian flag near Invasion Day protests speaks out


9a – Crop Circles being Created ?

9b – How things work

10 – The Tartarian Empire – Full Theory Explained


11a – The scariest thing about EV batteries – it’s not fire


11b – Why nobody will build EV charging stations


11c – Places now banning EVs due to Fire risk


12 – Recreating Ancient Stone Melding Technology


13 – 2024: The Prediction – Trey Smith is excellent

I have listened to Trey for years – he does not claim to be a prophet, but a very thorough Bible student listen to him


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