2024/02/01st  – So nice to get a compliment

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So nice to get this compliment from Judith in USA  … saltboxherbs@….netAlways a good newsletter a Yahweh man –  Praying that Yahweh bless and protect Larry for all the wonderful reporting he does!  He is the best!

This post contains only a few of many fascinating articles received – Here is the pick of what should be of most interest. So sad that less than 20% bothered to view Item 13 last night

Biden declares that Donald Trump is the “sitting president.” 5 hours ago on 1st Feb

1a – It’s Over (hopefully) The Cabal Surrenders, Arrests Will Be Televised. It’s Done. Happy Valentine’s Day


1b – Wyatt – important update for Australia

1c – Farmers showdown rally on Feb 6 Canberra


2a – Connecting the dots 45 – 46 – 47

2b – LA arrests more than 500 human traffickers

2c – Articles of Impeachment against Mayorkas

3a – A short lesson on the illuminati

3b – Footage allegedly of Tanks at southern border

3c – The Southern Border is another J6 trap  

3d – Barbed wire fence or not – coming through

4a – Premier of Alberta Danielle Smith – good on her

She has just unleashed a bold, no-nonsense education policy that’s set to turn Alberta’s schooling landscape on its head. This isn’t just news – it’s a wake-up call. Click here for all the gritty details.

Smith’s Education and Healthcare Overhaul: No Holds Barred“Parents are the primary caregivers and educators of their children”? She’s brought those words to life with sweeping reforms that place parents firmly in control of their children’s education and healthcare decisions:

4b – More Boat People being imported Canary Islands

There are no canaries on the Canary Islands – same on the Virgin Islands, there are no canaries there either.

4c – The perks of homogenous Iceland

5a – Australia: It’s Wong the W-E-effer @2.30

5b – Australia: Thousands Lining up for Compensation, Claiming Covid Vaccine Harmed Them


5c – Australia: Landmark Covid vaccine injury win

Employers on notice as Tribunal decides employer is liable


5d – Australia: Energex remotely cuts power to 170,000 air conditioners six times in a month


5e – French court orders removal of smart meter


6 – Your government gave you AIDS and is blaming “long COVID” 

7 – The Black Plastic Coffins….. remember ?`

8a – Mystical phenomena in the sky


8b – God sends rain and snow to Israel


9 – Pascal Najadi – operation to remove the Cabal

You heard him last night – new talk is very informative and gives us hope


10 – The Other Israel – where few Bible scholars will go


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