2024/02/03rd  – European farmers show us how

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Item 2b is a worry – if it is all true,

1a – The European Farmers show us how

1b – Pilots refusing “vaccines.”

1c – 90% of ULEZ cameras in London taken down. People power.

2a – 3 massive warships are ready

2b – Emergency Order signed – Nationwide alert, major outages


3a – Court Orders CDC to Release Millions of Texts from V-Safe COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Monitoring System


3b – Radical Leftist backstabs Barack Obama in a rant posted for all to see


3c – Justin Trudeau’s Wife Left Him Because His Pedophilia Is About To Be Exposed


4a – The other side of Trump

This was a 2015 skit joking about what America would look like under a President Trump

4 – Gitmo is expanding and filling up

5a – Cloud chaff confuses Tri-State


5b – Holographic Q-Phones & Decentralized Satellite Networks: Bridging Tomorrow’s Connectivity


5c – Crop Circles Being Created By Balls Of Light In 1996

This is the origin of the video a few days ago.

6 – We are ALL in Good Hands.

In Anon Audio Chat 29, SG with Meri Crouley and former Disney animator Davy Liu, to launch Destiny Film Studios and its first feature-length children’s movie, “The Giant Leaf”. Viewer Note: This discussion was purposefully grounded in content that the average “Normie” or Sleeper can relate to, identify with, and reconcile, and was presented through this lens intentionally. It is worth remembering that much of what is “At Play” in the world right now is orchestrated, forced, or otherwise part of a much larger Back-and-Forth between Good and Evil. Announcing the Launch of Destiny Film Studios & It’s First Feature Film “The Giant Leaf”

Scroll down to play and allow 20sec to load


7 – Dr Vernon Coleman

Been watching him from the beginning… There is a special place in our hearts for this brave soul. A pity he doesn’t mention the deliverance and salvation offered by Christ in these times. Pray he is aware


8 – You can’t make water bend around a ball right next …

to an “almost perfect vacuum” and you can’t say gravity because you can’t demonstrate that either, or subscribe to which type.

9 – The Running Man – Run For The Border – Room 101

“And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.” Revelation 9:11 – Remember Dolly Parton has poured million$ into the left OK to play at 1.25 speed


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