2024/02/04th  – If all is not lost, where is it ?

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There are heaps of videos coming out and in my opinion they are all click bait to keep us distracted… well, nearly all, they are speculation and fear tactics – We are tired of endless talking heads doctors warning us about lethal ingredients etc – we all know that. – Pandemic X is coming – The Banks are gonna steal all your money – the Mark is here – “We’ll all be rooned” said Hanrahan – I doubt if anyone knows what will happen tomorrow, including the weather forecasts. The white Rabbit sums it up, short to the point. Item 1c

1a – To all middle class Australians who bleat – “well it doesn’t affect me “


1b – Graphene on Melbourne beach

1c – Australia – Ready for the next round of forced genocide jabs


1d – Everything they programmed you with is a lie


2a – Colorado Ebola psyop exposed


2b – White House announces – citizens to house migrants.

This is the same guy as item 2b last night posthe seems to be on track ?


3a – Let the hangings continue – Treason doesn’t end well


3b – JAG Claims 97 “Media” Arrests in Last Two Months


4a – Yes, they did know: Australia’s covid response in short format (FOI timeline)


4b – COVID-19 vaccine reaction results in landmark ruling for South Australian public servant


5a – Look what your phone can do – enjoy it a little more while you can

5b – Amazon’s Pro Satan Cartoon

6 – Third Temple Is now being built but something just emerged


7 – Tim Dwyer – Just a few thoughts


8a – NASA Coded Message Sent Into “Space” And Crop Circle Reply 27 Years Later

In 1974 NASA sent a message into “space” (the vacuum) composed by Atheist-Astronomer Carl Sagan. 27 years later on the 14th August, 2001, a reply was received. It should be noted that this occurred less than a month before 9/11. Then, one year later another coded message was received and decoded. Are We Gradually Being Prepared For some kind of “alien” Contact – hint – operation blue beam

8b – Stephen Hawking said space travel beyond earth is not possible due to radiation.. from what

9 – Max Igan with Geoff Berwick – the matrix is collapsing


10 – “We’ll all be rooned”

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